Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for January 2021
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Jan. 29, 2021
59% Would Opt In To Apple's Privacy Tracking If They Received Relevant Content, Study Finds
Google Deletes Thousands Of Negative Reviews On Robinhood App
Apple's Privacy Changes To Send Facebook's Ad Business Into Dark Ages
Sabio Advertisers Have Donated $10M Added-Value CTV And Mobile Impressions
Facebook To Give Brands Control Of Ad Buys Next To Its Most Organic Content: The Topics Of Its Newsfeed
Firefox Starts Blocking 'Supercookie' Tracking
Holding Company of the Year: Dentsu
Dour Dentsu Forecast Lowers U.S., Worldwide Ad Consensus
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Jan. 28, 2021
It's Not About Reddit's Impact On AMC, GameStop, BlackBerry, Macy's Stocks...
Walmart Sets Sights On Building A Top-10 Advertising Platform, Rebrands Media Business
Facebook's Decisions To Remove Content Are Overruled By Oversight Board
Apple's Privacy Report Follows Record-Breaking Earnings
Why Apple Uses Google As Default Search Engine
TikTok's Ban In India Led Company To Lay Off Hundreds
How Change Has Become The New Digital Normal
Facebook Reports Best Ad Quarter In Two Years, Says Apple Now Among Its 'Biggest Competitors'
Apple CEO Calls For Reform To 'Data Exploitation' Industry
Zuckerberg Claims Facebook Will Reduce Political Content Volume, 'Turn Down The Temperature'
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2021
Vimeo Launches Video Lead-Generation Tool For Use In Email Platforms
Microsoft Advertising Quietly Introduces Multimedia Ad Unit In Search
Google Details What Apple's App-Tracking Transparency Policy Means For Advertisers
Microsoft Surpasses $40B In Revenue During Holiday Quarter
Lifestyle Shifts Led To Rise In Third-Party Data Despite Forthcoming Restrictions
Publishers Must Remain Vigilant Toward Google's Cookie Substitute
Life After Cookies? First-, Third-Party Data, Restored Consumer Trust All Part Of Solution
'International Marketing' Peaked In Wake of Election
Most Viewers - Even On Pay TV - Don't Mind Watching Ads
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2021
Pinterest Makes Bets On Augmented Reality
Algolia Acquires Startup Funded By Google Digital News Initiative
Google Claims New Ad Techniques Are Almost As Good As Cookies
Google Starting To Meet Consumer Demand For Organic Search
Gmail Users Told They Must Accept New Terms Of Use On Jan. 25 Powers Through Pandemic With Surge In Addressable Programmatic
Google Suspends Donations To GOP Election Results Deniers
Comscore Launches Cross-Platform Movie Measurement
North Dakota's Proposed Opt-In Privacy Law Needs Overhaul, Ad Industry Argues
Quick-Change Artists: Why Brands Are Turning To Agile Marketing
Despite In-Housing Trend, Clients Continue To Value Agency Relationships
The Academics Of Bulls**t
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Jan. 25, 2021
Toyota Overtakes BMW In Google Search
Google Expects 'FLoC' To Replace Third-Party Cookies In Ads
Budweiser Relocates Super Bowl LV Media Buy To Support COVID-19 Vaccine Awareness
Xaxis North America President Talks About Brand Safety
Australians Can Learn To Live Without Google And Its Empty Threat
Marketing And Tech Spending Are Rising This Year: CMO Council Survey
The Kitchen's Sandoval Joins Croud As Head Of Biddable Media
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Jan. 22, 2021
Google Brings Down Internet Balloons, Makes Bets On Other Moonshots
Google Threatens To Pull Search Engine From Australia
PayPal Transforms From Payment System To Marketing Powerhouse
Google Mobile Search Gets Redesign
UK Information Commissioner's Office Resumes Investigation On Real-Time Bidding
Report Reveals Magnitude Of Google's Economic Impact To Business And Consumers
Optimization -- Both Search And Social -- Are Trending Again
Blacklists, Whitelists: Where Can You Advertise Anymore?
U.S. Ad Economy Ends 2020 With Fifth Consecutive Month Of Expansion
Construction And Energy Sectors Hit With Phishing Attacks
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Jan. 21, 2021
Challenging Advertisers, Budgets Creep Monthly, Rather Than Yearly
Google Cloud Increases Momentum For Retail, Apps
Microsoft And Verizon Media Expand Partnership
Google Suspends Margaret Mitchell, Researcher In Its AI Division
AI Sways Judgment On Breaking News, Misinformation, Study Suggests
Former Google Software Engineer Claims YouTube Erasing 'Dislikes' For Biden Video
Media All-Star: Peter Sedlarcik
The Modern Marketer's Take On Full-Funnel TV Advertising
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021
YouTube Security Flaw Exposes Data
Adthena Acquires Kantar's Paid-Search Intelligence Business, Formerly AdGooroo
Sen. Marco Rubio Calls On Twitter's Jack Dorsey To Explain 'Content Moderation Process'
In Retail, Haves And Have-Nots Follow The Same Path
Media All-Star: Gene Turner
Biden Administration Considering White House Person To Lead Antitrust Efforts
Google Follows Adobe, Finally Kills Off Flash Plug-In Support
Former Google Engineer Anthony Levandowski Among Trump's Long LIst Of Pardons
Big Gains In Online Sales Seen In Holiday 2020
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2021
Instinct Vs. Data -- What Marketers Choose To Use
Pinterest Creative Dynamic Certification Launches With Three Partners Acquires ERP Software Developer To Improve Workflow Across All Media
Survey: 46% Of SMBs Believe Recovery Will Start In June
Former SharkNinja, Whirlpool Exec And Entrepreneur Takes CMO Role At Birdie
Time Spent With Ad-Supported Media Hits All-Time Low, Despite Gains In Total Media Use
Truman's: A Sustainable D2C Brand Needs a Sustainable Model
YouTube Tests Way For Consumers To Shop From Videos
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Jan. 18, 2021
Free Speech Or Freedom Of Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter
Google Attempts To Debunk AG Paxton's Attack On Company's Ad-Tech Business
YouTube Tests Way For Consumers To Shop From Videos
Google Ads Data Hub Accredited By Media Rating Council
Large Brands Funded Misinformation
What Skills Marketers Say They Want In 2021 -- And Why
Next Generation Of Advertising, Data Collaboration Looks Very Different
Reporter's Notebook: Let's Keep An All-Digital Version Of CES Going Forward
Get The Addressable TV Ad You Want
Does Zello's Walkie-Talkie App Power Right-Wing Violence?
HBO Max, Amazon Surge In Q4 Streaming Subscriptions
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