Social Media & Marketing Daily Editions for December 2011
Social Media & Marketing Daily - Friday, Dec. 30, 2011
Yes, the Feds Are Spying on Social Media
Social, Mobile Hotter Than Ever in 2011
Survey Says: Readers Like Stories About Studies
Social Media & Marketing Daily - Thursday, Dec. 29, 2011
Ad, Media M&A Interest Heats Up: Interactive Agencies Reap Low-End Of Multiples
Search Engine For Colleges Building Links To Social 3Rs
Groupon Acquires Campfire Labs
Cox's Facebook Effort Raises Money For Charity
Occupy Wall Street Activists Developing Social Network
Google+ Gains Users
Trends for 2012: How Teen Social Media Behavior Will Impact Marketing Strategies
Social Media & Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Dec. 28, 2011
Woman, Baby Saved from Hostage Situation by Facebook Update
Year In Review: Rookie Batter Beats Steve Jobs, Beyonc And Tsunami To Win 2011 Social Media World Series
Article Posting and Social Media Most Popular Marketing Tactics For B2B Marketers
A New Year's Resolution For The Social Media-rati
Social Media & Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Dec. 27, 2011
Digitas' Bitterman On Owned, Earned And Hype -- And Why Google+ Has Been A Negative
Social Media Impacts Business Value, Marketing Operations
Search: Tapping Social To Move Up The Marketing Funnel
'X Factor' Sponsors Score Cross-Platform
Affectv Socializes Images, Ads
Social Media Can Empower Arab Women
How to Drive More Video Views Through Social Channels
TheraMax Launches Location-based Push
A Social 2011 In Review
Social Media & Marketing Daily - Friday, Dec. 23, 2011
Orbit App Lets Facebook Fans Design Packages
Social Networking Lags In Capturing Ad Spend
Syrek To VP, Kinetic Social
What Experian Hitwise Said You Searched For In 2011
Irvine: It's About Content And Context
College-Educated More Likely to Use Social Networks
Social And Email Top Growing Marketing Budgets For 2012
Trends That Shaped '11, Hold Promise For '12
TheraMax Launches Location-based Push
Social Media & Marketing Daily - Thursday, Dec. 22, 2011
Jockey Bets $1 Million On Tebow, Super Bowl
Buddy Media Taps Horizon Media As Its AOR
How Data From Social Media Will Impact Marketing
Facebook To Intro Sponsored Story Ads
Companies Should Communicate Via Social Media
Social Media Brings Nike 'Closer Than Ever'
Law Firms Adopt Social Media, Some Faster than Others
Social Media & Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Dec. 21, 2011
Global Texting Rampant, Generates Billions In U.S. Revs
Starcom Monitors Social Chatter About TV Shows, Ads
GM Cuts Big Fuel, Social Media Consolidated With Creative
To Share Or Auto-Share?
IPG Mediabrands Gains TV Efficiencies Via Social Media Data
Jeep Gets People Digging Again
Facebook, Twitter Expose Users to Burglary, Theft
Social Media "Likes" Means Give Me An Exclusive
Social Media & Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2011
Twitter: Marketers Still Struggling To Understand Social Channel
Beaulieu Vineyard Fights Hunger With Social Effort
Marketers Beware: Why People Unfriend on Facebook
The 2011 Berky Award Winners
The 2011 Berky Award Winners
Social Media & Marketing Daily - Monday, Dec. 19, 2011
Twitter Adds Another Character: Saudi Prince Acquires Strategic Stake
Microsoft Research Launches
Companies Can't Beat Baldwin On Social
MediaBrix Gets $4M In New Funding
Twitter Becomes Open Line From Americans To Taliban
McCormick Adds Social Spice To Holiday
Moms Say Social Media Impacts Retail Purchases
New Year's Predictions? No Time For Them!
Social Media & Marketing Daily - Friday, Dec. 16, 2011
Toyota: Tis The Season To Be Social Starts Developing Original Content
No Love for Zynga IPO
Are Moms Flocking To Pinterest From Google In Their Search For Inspiration?
Facebook Rolls Out Timeline
Mountain Dew Jumps On Facebook Timeline Pages
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