• It’s An Ad, Ad, Ad World (Time)
    Guerilla marketing tactics debated.
  • U.S. Retailers Downplay Marketing Sept. 11 (Reuters)
    Wary of being perceived as reckless and unpatriotic, a number of U.S. retailers have decided to commemorate the events of Sept. 11 in a somber manner.
  • Radio Next for RealNetworks (B&C)
    The royalty fees that will soon have to be paid by radio stations and others that stream music have already knocked a number of broadcasters off the Internet. But KPIG(FM) is using Real Network's just introduced RealOne Radio Pass as a way to bring the music back to listeners.
  • New York Shock Jocks Canceled; FCC Begins Investigation (Dow Jones)
    Two New York radio shock jocks had their program canceled after a controversy over what was alleged to be an eyewitness account of sex in St. Patrick's cathedral.
  • FEC Decision Could Jump-Start SMS Political Ads (Washington Post)
    A decision by federal election regulators to exempt text-based wireless ads from campaign disclosure rules has critics warning that consumers could find their mobile phones subject to a flood of political spam.
  • 'Buffy' Rates Worst Show for Families (AP)
    A parents group applauded broadcasters Wednesday for embracing more family-friendly programming in prime-time, yet scolded television's two most popular shows for being among the raciest.
  • TV Networks Set Sept. 11 Specials (Variety)
    More TV networks have announced their 9/11 commemorative programming, with several cable channels saying they will go dark in the morning.
  • AOL Time Warner to Unwind AT&T Partnership; IPO of New Cable Entity Planned (Dow Jones)
    AOL Time Warner Inc. announced a long-awaited agreement with AT&T Corp. and Comcast Corp. that unwinds a 10-year cable and content partnership called Time Warner Entertainment Co.
  • Reconciling Mixed Ad Market Outlooks (CBS.MarketWatch.com)
    The mildly positive noises coming out of U.S.-based ad conglomerates this summer were blitzed by the Brits on Tuesday when London-based WPP Group reported a 30 percent drop in profit, flat revenues and rapidly declining headcount.
  • Cox Tunes Into Advertisers (CNET)
    Cox Communications on Monday turned on a digital cable channel to explicitly showcase advertisers, in a first-of-its-kind trial in one market.
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