• Report: Broadband Technology Booms in Rich Nations (Reuters)
    Broadband technology offering fast and cheap access to the Internet is booming in richer countries but slow to spread in the developing world, according to a United Nations report issued on Tuesday.
  • CinemaNow Signs Disney to Online Distribution Deal (Reuters)
    Online movie download service CinemaNow on Monday said The Walt Disney Co. and its units like Miramax Films will begin offering movies on CinemaNow, marking a major addition for the fledgling service.
  • Sports Illustrated Restricts Access to Part of Web Site (Dow Jones)
    In the latest move by AOL Time Warner Inc. to drive magazine subscriptions through its Web sites, Sports Illustrated has begun blocking nonsubscribers from much of its online edition.
  • New Spam Technique Exploits News Events (USA Today)
    There is a new scam to spam. E-mail marketers increasingly are sending unsolicited e-mail with subject headers disguised as news alerts to fool consumers into opening them. The tactic surfaced during the U.S. war against Iraq this year. Now it is gaining steam as Californians near an Oct. 7 gubernatorial recall election and could become an online nuisance during the 2004 presidential election.
  • Microsoft Warns of New Critical Hole in Windows (Reuters)
    Microsoft Corp. on Wednesday warned computer users about a new critical security hole in its Windows operating system that could allow an attacker to gain control over a computer, delete data and install unwanted programs.
  • Fighting the Idea That All the Internet Is Free (New York Times)
    With the club of lawsuits and the olive branch of an amnesty program, the music industry is waging a campaign against online piracy that relies on both public relations and economics to attack the idea that everything in cyberspace can be free.
  • Paris Advertising Festival Collapses in Disarray (AdAge)
    A heavily promoted global ad festival at the Disneyland Resort here collapsed in disarray last week, with speakers such as Martin Sorrell pulling out after only a few dozen attendees showed up, and angry exhibitors demanding refunds from "embarrassed" organizers.
  • Google News Finally Makes the Grade (OJR)
    MSNBC, CNN, Yahoo News, BBC, AOL News, Washingtonpost.com, Google News. These are some of the top sites for news and information online. But some people might view them as apples and oranges.
  • ABC News Launches 1st Scheduled Web-Only Broadcast (Reuters)
    ABC News launched on Wednesday its first daily scheduled programming exclusively for the Internet, a political talk show, the network said on Wednesday.
  • Signs of Intelligent Life at AOL (Fortune)
    The online empire is starting to get its mojo back. But can recipes and sports videos really save AOL from irrelevance?
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