• Yahoo Launches Customized Shopping Search Tools (Reuters)
    Yahoo on Wednesday unveiled a feature to make online comparison shopping easier by sorting computers and other gadgets according to a consumer's budget and other preferences, including technical specifications.
  • Americans Want to be Left Alone. The Spam, The Calls and The Junk Mail Are Enough to Make Anyone Cranky (USA Today)
    Consumers are fed up with the increasingly audacious gang of unwanted outsiders who pester them via their phones, e-mail, fax machines and mailboxes. It's a war, of sorts, and the battleground has become the home.
  • AOL Eyes Discount Internet Service (CNET)
    America Online is planning to launch a discount version of its proprietary online service in an effort to tap into a cost-conscious market for dial-up Internet access, according to a source familiar with the company's plans.
  • Online Closes Internet Movie Deal with MGM (Reuters)
    Europe's largest Internet provider T-Online International stepped up its plans to show movies over the Internet, saying on Monday it secured deals for top Hollywood and German films.
  • Will Your Newspaper Survive Internet Age? (USA Today)
    This is "National Newspaper Week," an observance started in 1940. Then, there were 1,878 daily newspapers in the USA. Now, there are 1,457.
  • AOL to Trial Video Ads (ZDNet)
    America Online will begin testing ways to enliven its typically staid advertising banners by employing video. Beginning November 1, AOL will introduce video advertisements on its popular AOL Instant Messenger service.
  • AOL Plans European Radio, Music Download (Reuters)
    AOL Time Warner will launch an online radio station next week and a download service by next spring, trumpeting its entry into Europe's suddenly boisterous Internet music market, its European online music chief said on Wednesday.
  • Future of Spam Control (eWeek)
    When I look back at 2003, I expect to find that my two most valuable days of the year were spent at September's Messaging Anti-Abuse Conference in Santa Barbara, Calif. No other everyday IT issue overshadows the waste of time and money, and the threats to system integrity and availability, that have come with this year's surge of commercial messages, mail-borne attacks and immune-system overload of "undeliverable message" responses to spurious traffic.
  • UK Lawmakers Call for International Anti-Spam Laws (Reuters)
    A trio of British lawmakers urged their counterparts in the United States and Australia on Monday to adopt tough anti-spam laws modeled after recent European legislation to stop the global flow of bulk e-mail.
  • Yahoo Launches Instant Messaging for Business (Reuters)
    Yahoo Inc., working to expand its revenue base and its business services offerings, on Thursday launched an instant messaging product for corporations that integrates the popular WebEx virtual meeting software.
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