• CheapTickets.com Pulls Sponsorship of Gawker Blog
    CheapTickets.com has confirmed it has cancelled its sponsorship of Gawker Media travel blog Gridskipper less than one month after the deal went live.
  • Impression Spam Worries Google Advertisers
    Google is on the lookout for "impression spam" but denies it poses a big threat to paid search advertisers. Advertisers and SEM firms beg to differ. The search engine giant defines impression spam as "ad impressions generated outside of normal search activity, in some cases deliberate in other cases not deliberate," whose overall effect is minimal, said Salar Kamangar, Google's director of product management.
  • Floater Ads, the Cousins to Pop-Ups, Evade the Blockers
    If you happened upon nj.com in the last month, you might have noticed a clucking penguin waddling across the computer screen, stumbling over text as it promoted a local utility company.
  • Ads Embedded in Online News Raise Questions
    Online sites are generating new revenue by steering readers to advertisements when they click on certain words. But when those keywords are embedded in the text of a news article, those sites are generating debate as well.
  • Whither The Wall Street Journal?
    The Wall Street Journal is not only the best-written, most elegantly edited newspaper to cover business, it may be the best paper period. Nevertheless, theJournal faces an intractable problem. Because you have to subscribe to access both current news articles and the archive, the Journal is leaving only a faint footprint in cyberspace. As with The New York Times, which insists that readers register to view news and pay $3 per article in the archive, the Journal barely shows up on Google or any other search engine. I googled "Enron" -- an issue the Journal covered exhaustively, and which …
  • Apple Releases New iPods, Cuts Prices
    Apple Computer Inc. released new versions of its popular iPod digital music player Wednesday, cutting prices and expanding memory capacities.
  • Lycos to Launch Dating Search
    Lycos is expected Wednesday to launch a niche search product -- a dating search engine -- with a paid inclusion model, in which dating sites pay per-click, per-acquisition or via another model when they get referrals.
  • Small Businesses Spend on Local Search
    Some small businesses are seeing response rates as high as 20 percent by using targeted search marketing within their local areas rather than nationwide ad placement.
  • Adam Curry Wants to Make You an iPod Radio Star
    "People think I'm this poseur guy from MTV, but I don't care," says Adam Curry, the former VJ whose long blond locks once mesmerized teenyboppers across the globe. "I've always had this total dual life as a geek and a celebrity." He pauses for a moment and flashes the signature Curry smile. He's trimmed his mane and become an Internet entrepreneur, but he's still got that swoon-inducing grin.
  • Wireless Web 101: Trends in Mobile Media
    The recent confluence of several key technology events in the mobile phone industry have set the stage for the wireless web to offer advertisers the type of content, reach and presence that make it worth spending money in this new media channel.
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