• RSS Gives Marketers Uncensored Channel
    Frustrated by the incessant e-mail bouncebacks from ISPs and yearning to send giant audio/video pitches over the Web unencumbered, some direct marketers are turning to RSS, or really simple syndication, to get all of their messages ? and all of their message ? to target markets headache-free.
  • Visa Veers Heavily Toward Online Marketing
    Visa USA has appointed Jon Raj vice president of online advertising and emerging media platforms. Interviewed at the Ad:Tech conference, Mr. Raj said his new job title underscores how serious Visa is about online and emerging media.
  • TBS Enters Gaming Fray With GameTap Channel
    Turner Broadcasting System announced on Wednesday that it will join the video game business with a new broadband channel called GameTap, set to launch in fourth quarter.
  • Palmolive Begins Search Marketing Push
    FMCG giant Colgate-Palmolive has selected Agence Virtuelle to manage a search engine optimisation and marketing campaign for the Palmolive sites in the UK and across mainland Europe. The firm will use SEO and SEM in a bid to raise consumer awareness for the new Palmolive deodorants, aromatherapy and bath and shower products as well as for the "Thermal Spa" range.
  • NY Post Web Site Sign-Up
    The New York Post's Online Edition will be launching free online registration on Tues., May 3. The Web site will now ask readers to register in order to access its selection of articles, functions and features.
  • Cybercrime Costs Billions But How to Report It?
    Cybercrime costs societies billions of dollars every year, but it is not easy for European citizens to report that their digital identity has been stolen, according to anti-virus software companies and police.
  • Netscape Pioneers Launch Free Content Network
    Netscape pioneers Mike Homer and Marc Andreessen are back on the start-up scene, launching a TiVo-like online network for distributing and viewing public TV, radio and grassroots media. The free service, called the Open Media Network, is aimed initially at letting traditional public broadcasters and independent filmmakers distribute their work on the Net. But it will also allow ordinary computer users to publish their files.
  • MSN Launches Spanish-Language Video Site
    In a nod to the growing importance of Hispanic audiences and broadband connections, Microsoft's MSN.com has launched a Spanish-language video site that debuts with content from this week's Billboard Latin Music Conference in Miami.
  • Q&A with Scot McLernon
    The newly appointed sales head for CBS Digital Media sits down with executive editor Brad Berens to talk about his new job.
  • An Early Peek Into the Vlogosphere
    In January of this year, the first video blogging (or vlogging) conference was held in New York City. But, unsurprisingly, most people attended vloggercon 2005 online. According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, an estimated 8 million Americans have blogs and 32 million have read a blog, up 58 percent from just 10 months earlier. Technorati, a blog search engine and measurement firm, reports roughly 23,000 new blogs are created every day.
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