• Top 50 Internet Advertisers In April
    ClickZ Stats has launched a new monthly feature, the top Internet advertisers by expenditure. The data is provided by TNS Media Intelligence.
  • Google Loses Round Against Digital Envoy
    A lawsuit accusing Google of misappropriating trade secrets from geo-location specialist Digital Envoy may proceed, a district court in Northern California has ruled.
  • Web Fuels Collective Sparring Over Bolton, but to What End?
    The relatively cheap and rapid communication enabled by the Internet has propelled countless grassroots advocacy organizations like conservative group Move America Forward to accumulate members, cash -- and in some cases, clout -- in record time. But could online fundraising-fueled campaigns like the ones prompting people to call and email their representatives in support or against John Bolton's nomination be doing more harm than good?
  • Young Mobile Users Most Interested in Music -Survey
    Commercial-free radio over mobile phones and the ability to download music to phones are the two most interesting advanced mobile services to young adults, according to a recent study.
  • U.S. Shuts Down Network that Leaked 'Star Wars'
    U.S. law enforcers said on Wednesday that they have shut down a computer network that distributed illegal copies of "Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith" before it appeared in movie theaters. Federal agents executed 10 search warrants and seized the main server computer in a network that allowed people to download nearly 18,000 movies and software programs, including many current releases, the FBI and Homeland Security Department said.
  • Salon's Balancing Act
    Since the dawn of the dot-com, news publishers have split into two camps. One group followed the lead of The Wall Street Journal and charged for news, while the other aped broadcast TV by selling ads and giving content away free -- sometimes requiring reader registration, sometimes not. But there is a third way that combines the two, which has drawn far less attention. Leading the way is none other than tiny, never-say-die Salon, which, although not known for its business acumen -- its stock price is 18 cents a share -- still manages to stay afloat, recently announcing its …
  • Microsoft Launches Antispam Tools, Services
    Microsoft debuted on Thursday its MSN Postmaster Web site, which offers tools and services designed to combat spam. MSN Postmaster marks the software giant's latest effort to increase its presence in the security arena, a lucrative area that has attracted a large swath of competitors.
  • Is 'Jeeves' too Snooty? Site Likely to Get Name Change
    IAC/InterActiveCorp Chief Executive Barry Diller likes his latest planned online acquisition. He's just not that fond of its name. Diller on Tuesday told an audience of media and executives that the more he learns about the search capabilities of Ask Jeeves Inc., which New York-based IAC is buying for $1.85 billion in stock, the more convinced he is that the firm can gain market share against search rivals Google Inc., Yahoo Inc. and Microsoft Corp.'s MSN.
  • U.S. FTC Asks for Help Against Spam 'Zombies'
    Home computer users who unwittingly send out spam e-mail should be disconnected from the Internet until their machines are fixed, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission said on Tuesday. The FTC said it would ask 3,000 Internet providers around the globe to make sure that their customers' computers haven't been hijacked by spammers who want to cover their tracks and pass bandwidth costs on to others.
  • Prospect of Search Ads on P2P Site Rattle SEMs
    Revelations that controversial file-sharing software developer BitTorrent will begin to host ads from Ask Jeeves alongside its upcoming search engine have drawn mixed results from SEMs. BitTorrent announced Monday that it is planning to launch a search engine to index the thousands of movies, music, video games and other files currently shared using the company's peer-to-peer software. Alongside search results, the company will show keyword-targeted text ads from Ask Jeeves.
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