• Netflix CEO Puts Strong Quarter In Perspective
    Boasting 31 million domestic subscribers, Netflix’s third-quarter earnings report sent investors into a tizzy, this week. Having witnessed such euphoria before, however, CEO Reed Hastings said such wild reactions by Wall Street are best to ignore. As AllThingsD points out, Hastings said at the end of his investment letter: “We do our best to ignore the volatility in our stock.” 
  • Windows Phone Getting Instagram Client
    Making Microsoft’s day, Instagram has finally agreed to offer Windows Phone users an official client. “The software giant has been trying for months to convince Instagram to support Windows Phone,” The Verge writes. “It's only one app, but it opens up Microsoft's mobile operating system to a community that has largely stayed clear of the platform because of the lack of Instagram support.” 
  • Reconsidering Reposted Content
    Reposted content generates almost as many page views as original articles, Mashable reports, citing new data from Repost -- a startup that specializes reposting content. Repost’s founder and CEO tells Mashable that “recycling” can create new readers and let publishers resell ads and boost revenue. “He claims reposted articles get about 86% of the viewership of an original.” 
  • Twitter's Music App Faces Uncertain Fate
    As part of a broader music strategy shakeup, Twitter is reportedly reconsidering the future of its Twitter #Music mobile application. “It is unclear what Twitter’s time frame is for ultimately ending support for Twitter #Music,” AllThingsD writes. Part of the problem is sagging adoption. “Sources said that since the initial surge the app has seen ‘abysmal’ numbers both in iTunes App Store downloads and engagement.”  
  • Is Netflix Bigger Than HBO?
    New estimates suggest that Netflix has surpassed HBO in the all-important category of paid U.S. subscribers. “Already the world’s largest subscription-video service, the company probably reached 30 million paying U.S. customers as of Sept. 30,” Bloomberg reports, citing data from Needham & Co. “HBO … has about 28.7 million, according to researcher SNL Kagan.” 
  • Tech Money Tackles News Business
    In the wake of Jeff Bezos buying The Washington Post and similar deals, David Carr considers how the tech-minded are trying to revive the news business. “Silicon Valley and its various power brokers -- some who had roles in putting the news business in harm’s way to begin with -- are suddenly investing significant sums of money in preserving news capacity and quality,” Carr writes in The New York Times. 
  • NYSE Vows Smooth Twitter IPO
    With Twitter’s IPO looming, The New York Stock Exchange appears bent on avoiding the technical glitches that spoiled Facebook’s debut on Nasdaq. “The exchange … will let firms test their trading systems in a mock opening auction of Twitter's stock,” The Wall Street Journal reports. “The dry run is set for Saturday, Oct. 26.” 
  • Twitter Tackles Direct Message Spam
    This week, some Twitter users were unable to send Direct Messages containing URLs. The issue, Twitter said in a statement, resulted from the restructuring of some back-end system elements. TechCrunch speculates that the company “could be in the process of instituting or expanding a URL banning system,” with the broader goal of cutting down on DM spam. 
  • Facebook Hammered For New Teen Policy
    Privacy and youth advocates are not happy with Facebook’s decision, this week, to give teens greater sharing privileges on the social network. “This is about monetizing kids and teens,” one critic tells The Wall Street Journal. Notes WSJ: “The change also comes amid growing concern about online bullying and safety for children and teenagers.” 
  • Aereo Continues National Rollout
    Determined to reach 22 U.S. cities before the end of the year, Aereo plans to launch in Detroit by month’s end. “So far, the expansion appears to be a bit slower than what Aereo had promised in January,” GigaOm writes of the controversial streaming TV service. Running out of time, “Detroit is the thirteenth city where Aereo has announced plans to launch this year.” 
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