IgnitionOne Keeps Score To Target Messages Along Conversion Path

IgnitionOne will introduce a self-service platform that allows brands to build campaigns tied to a consumer engagement score. The score and message change as the consumer moves through the conversion path.

Roger Barnette, IgnitionOne president, said the self-service marketing automation tool is tied to the Engagement Score and viewable on LiveMarketer, a real-time data visualization and data collection tool. The score created by the platform triggers the message.He describes the tool as serving a message box on a Web site after a consumer has searched for specific information.

Algorithms develop the score based on several factors such as time spent on the site, frequency in visits, and engagement rates for specific content. Behavior triggers the message.

On an automaker's Web site, for example, the message box might show the picture of the car with a list of local dealers. In return for clicking on a link to provide their name and address, the consumer would receive a voucher after going to the dealership to test drive the car.

The platform presents promotions, forms, coupons and other messages dynamically geared toward a specific consumer and action. Brands can integrate the tool with their CRM and data management platform to show a clear path to conversion, connecting the dots. It also connects with a customer service chat window. Brands can start a chat at any time, which will deliver to the brand's CRM system behavioral data and information such as product interest.

"If you're a client with multiple brands, click on the brand to create the dynamic insertion to create a campaign," Barnette said. "Brands can create custom form with images and teasers or lead generation campaign."

Barnette said IgnitionOne offers a library filled with dozens of templates to get started, but the company will create custom campaigns. The tool offers segmentation and targeting rules, engagement scores to determine the message and time to target the ad, and schedules to automatically begin and end campaigns. It also offers previews and testing, real-time user profiles, and the ability to target through mobile sites.

Tabs allow the brand to toggle between mobile and desktop to get a view of what the dynamic insertion looks like on either platform. "The analytics section provides information on whether the consumer got their through paid or unpaid media," Barnette said.

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