Adthena Makes Local Competitive Search Data Available For Use With Multiple Media Channels

Adthena on Tuesday increased the amount of knowledge that brands can gain about their search campaigns based on consumer behavior and competitor strategies.

Local View can validate the efficacy of paid search and organic search campaigns, as well as offline media. There's the ability to purchase data from the Data & Marketing Association, and to delve into the terms that may have appeared in newspaper, television or radio media. It lets advertisers coordinate their local search ads to be inline with local offline ads--print and broadcast. 



On Tuesday the company launched the location-based platform Local View, powered by Whole Market View, which allows marketers to identify unique local trends in search, evaluate performance by location, and track and act on competitive strategies.

“AI does a lot of the legwork,” said Ashley Fletcher, vice president of Marketing, Adthena. “If you can imagine how much data we pull from Google before crunching the data to identify offers and promotions.”

The data is required as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to pose unique challenges for businesses reaching consumers, especially during the holidays, with city and county lockdowns restricting movements and certain types of in-store purchases.

For example, Adthena developed a feature that enables brands to create search-term groups to understand certain trends such as "low miles." 

Adthena developed a feature that enables brands to create search-term groups to understand certain trends such as "low miles." It looks at lifestyle or ethical trends. One brand is using the platform to create noncompete agreements.

The AI scans a brand’s website and their competitors’ keywords to create a custom map of the most relevant terms. Once a unique Whole Market View has been created, the technology gathers data on new market movements and relevant keywords.  

Daniel Shepherd, global product marketing manager at Adthena, explains numerous ways to use the platform, from benchmarking location vs. overall performance, to monitoring infringements, and identifying near-me searches. Then there’s identifying branded terms and trends related to seasons and U.S. state events. It also analyzes the effectiveness of ad copy becomes in specific locations. A new feature — Creative Insights — pulls apart individual phrases within the ad copy.

Transparency on emerging trends, relevant search terms and competitors locally can help brands to build location-based search advertising campaigns, and the brand no longer needs to identify their rivals or what they might bid on.

Local View can aid marketers in understanding search intent locally, discover search term patterns and uncover competitor strategies amid COVID-19, analyzing everything from their ad copy and terms to cost per click and click-through rates. These insights allow brands to capitalize on existing local opportunities and identify new ones, driving greater return on investments.

“When a brand runs a campaign via television or radio, we can see how people search to understand how offline media performs in relation to online media,” Shepherd said.

Adthena's product and engineering teams are developing new areas for Local View, such as spend metrics like share of spend and cost per clicks. The plan is to roll out the separate platform in the first quarter of 2021. 

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