Streaming TV Rises To Record 38% Share, Broadcast Plummets: Nielsen

In June, TV-video streaming usage of persons two years old and up climbed to a 37.7% share -- another record, according to Nielsen -- with broadcast plummeting to its lowest share ever.

June streaming usage grew nearly 6% over May -- with half of that increase coming from younger viewers, ages 2-17.

For streaming, this is the best result for any category of Nielsen’s The Gauge measure -- streaming, cable, broadcast and other -- in two years. In July 2021, cable got to the same level.

Two of the biggest individual streaming platforms -- YouTube and Netflix -- grabbed their largest shares ever, at 8.8% and 8.2% respectively.

Three other streaming platforms -- HBO Max, Disney+ and Tubi -- all made big month-to-month gains --at 17%, 12% and 12%, respectively.

Disney+ is now at 2.0% share, while Max and Tubi each are at 1.4%.

Year-over-year, broadcast is down 5.6% (to a 20.8% share) -- its lowest share level to date -- while cable is 12% lower (to 30.6%).

Both broadcast and cable got a boost in June from NBA post-season playoff actions -- NBA Finals and Conference Finals.

Paramount+ tallied a 1.0 share -- its debut on The Gauge. By way of comparison, the Paramount Global streamer is equal to Roku Channel (also 1.0%), slightly better than Pluto TV (0.9%) but behind Peacock (1.2%) and Tubi (1.4).

Nielsen says Paramount+ is the 11th streaming service on the list.

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