Omnichannel Ad Media Plans Generated In 2 Minutes, Using Automation

Oliver Jacob, president of Frequence, says the 14-year-old software development company can now generate an actual omnichannel media plan in 2 minutes.

The platform, which uses automation, also can produce the creative, execute the plan, and optimize and report on the campaign.

“With the deprecation of browser cookies it becomes about pulling together different inventory supply resources and data points to create one unified schedule,” he says. “As the media landscape becomes more fragmented, unless you’re automating across all channels, the process can take a few days.”

The average consumer in the U.S. is exposed to thousands of ads daily, according to some estimates.

To better understand how marketers can cut through selective thinking and optimize their media mix in local advertising, Frequence studied the effects of omnichannel media on conversion rates and cost per conversion.



The study was completed a couple of years ago, but the results still seem relevant. The survey analyzed 32,000 local advertisements and 2.2 billion impressions to determine the best media combinations for advertisers that want to reach a local audience.

It’s not difficult to understand that the best media mix results in cheaper conversions and in some cases, can reduce the cost per conversion by 50%.

Media companies have been at the forefront of offering products to local advertisers, but Frequence’s latest product automates owned-and-operated assets.

The new suite of publisher-specific tools has been adopted by AIM Media, a publisher that specializes in niche enthusiast magazines. It uses the technology for all local sellers across markets in Ohio, Indiana, and Texas.

The company has relied on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms since Jacob and Matthew Robles founded the company in 2011.  As a local advertising sales enablement platform, the goal has been to reduce workloads and increase efficiencies for sales and operations team.  The more intelligence that is brought into the platform, the more streamlined it becomes.

AI is being used in planning and proposals as well as in optimized media buying, which is supported by about 350 employees. SmartProposal is the name of the proposal generator, but the owned-and-operated feature has not yet been named.  

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