• Just an Online Minute... Out With the Old?
    When the Excite Network launched a brand new portal two weeks ago, very few people in the industry paid any attention, even though the portal promised to deliver full functionality, fast pages, a great privacy policy and -- most importantly -- not a single banner or pop-up advertisement throughout the entire site. Yesterday, when the same company released an announcement under the heading of “Yahoo! Is Toast” – heads turned. And rightly so.
  • Just an Online Minute... Diamonds or Electronics?
    I really should have found something more important to write about today (although there seems to be very little online activity prior to @d:Tech, which kicks off next Monday), but this one is simply irresistible. The Consumer Electronics Association yesterday released the findings of their latest survey of 1000 adults, which found that women actually prefer electronics to diamonds.
  • Just an Online Minute... Clicking for Cans?
    The name of the promotion may sound silly, but it seems to have worked.
  • Just an Online Minute... One Stop Webcast Ratings
    If you’re charged with keeping an eye on webcast audience measurement, your life just got a little less complicated.
  • Just an Online Minute... The Question of Size
    When it comes to online ads, the new mantra is “it’s not the size that matters, it’s how you use it.” At least that’s what Dynamic Logic is saying about skyscrapers.
  • Just an Online Minute... Did You Vote?
    I hate to harp on the same subject two days in a row, but yesterday’s missive about email's role in the political process ruffled quite a few reader feathers and deserves a follow-up just to clear the air.
  • Just an Online Minute... Voting Online
    It’s Election Day, folks, and throughout the day, news anchors, reporters and herds of political analysts will be waxing poetic about the effects of everything from the weather to the color of the voting booth curtains on voter turnout. Unfortunately, I doubt anyone will spend any time talking about email. What does email have to do with elections, you ask?
  • Just an Online Minute... Wireless Ads
    While the wireless advertising itself is still nothing to write home about, the latest Nielsen//NetRatings AdRelevance report shows that wireless providers are reaching out to consumers through the Web, with an increasing market share of online advertising.
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