Marketing Daily Editions for September 2006
Marketing Daily - Friday, Sept. 29, 2006
NFL Jumps On Consumer-Generated Super Bowl Ad Wagon
KB Toys Targets Grandparents Shopping For The Holidays
We Knew Boomers Are Into Sex--But Brand Switching?
YouTube Names Suzie Reider First CMO
Boomers Say Get Real in Your Advertising
Microsoft Prices Zune at $249.99
When It Comes To Blogs, It Pays To Listen
Sara Lee, Kohl's, AMD Sponsor New AOL Game
Disney Hangs Up On Mobile ESPN
Restaurants Chew On Trans Fats Issue
Cingular Rumored As Exclusive iPhone Carrier
Marketing Daily - Thursday, Sept. 28, 2006
Lowe's And Home Depot Scramble To Stave Off Housing Slump
7-Eleven Drops Citgo's Gas In Wake Of Chavez Flap
Pontiac's Music Tie-Ins Pull In Younger Drivers
Alltel Wireless Plants Graffiti Story
Carvel And Cinnabon Unite In A New Flavor
PepsiCo Acquires Izze Beverage Co.
Ford: Volvo, Land Rover, Jaguar Not For Sale
T-Mobile Expands Network, Plans Ad Shift
Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2006
MasterCard Locks Up MLB Sponsorship to 2010
Sharper Image Removes Founder Thalheimer
Lands' End Names Former Gap Exec As CMO
I'd Like To Teach The World to Ping: Coke Writes The New Book On Marketing
P&G Sells Sure: New Owner Plans In-Store Marketing Push
Cocaine Energy Drink Gets A Real Buzz Going
NRF Halloween Retail Outlook: Boo-ming
Domino's Delivers Hot New Dessert
Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2006
Verizon Plans No-Holds-Barred Blog To Engage Consumers
Fidelity Seeks To Burnish Reputation As Thought Leader
Olive Garden's Old Trick Keeps Working
Dispatch From NAD Annual: Why Puffery Matters
Industry: Updated Children's Ad Guidelines Needed Now
Marketing Daily - Monday, Sept. 25, 2006
Campbell's Launches 'Lower Sodi-Yummm' Soups
Coach Adds Fragrance To Its Portfolio
Next on Wal-Mart's Agenda: Packaging
H&M and Zara Lead Fast-Fashion Invasion
Macy's Reunites Dynamic Marketing Duo
Elizabeth Arden Set to Launch Age-Delay Line
Marketers Feted As Online All Stars
Marketing Daily - Friday, Sept. 22, 2006
Health Care Reform In Aisle 2
Kimberly-Clark Picks Kellogg's Exec As First CMO
J.C. Penney Plans Intimate Apparel Line
Spinach Growers Plot Strategy To Battle E. Coli Scare
New Alltel Ads Beckon: Come And Get Your Love
MasterCard Adds European Marketers
All-Day Breakfast Suits 24/7 Americans Just Fine
Auto Incentives Will Continue Through Year
Marketing Daily - Thursday, Sept. 21, 2006
Qwest Tailors Plan For Hispanics Phoning Home
GM Tells Dealers The Focus Is Now on Toyota
Cingular Connects With Music Lovers On YouTube
Progressive Mounts Direct Challenge to GEICO
Study Confirms It's A Multichannel World
Unilever Ramps Up Interactive TV
Cereality's Aura Comes From 30 Cereal Brands
Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2006
Coming Next: The Finest Vintage Skin Cream
P&G Looks To Developing Nations For Growth
Wal-Mart Gets Political, Plans To Register Voters
Housing Market Colors Holiday Retail Sales Forecast
Costello Joins Board of Aspen Marketing Services
Unilever Labels Foods As Healthy 'Choices'
ShopWiki Nabs Audible Marketer as First CMO
GM Unveils Its Hydrogen-Powered Chevrolet SUV
Fast-Food Chains Go Smaller And Come Up Big
Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2006
Revlon Needs More Than New Face to Rejuvenate
Chili's Cooks Up Promo With The CW
Denim Sings Back-to-School Blues
New Loyalty Schemes Popping Up All Over
Nationwide Appoints James Lyski CMO
Yahoo Launches First TV Ads In Years
L'Oreal Paris Names New Marketing SVP
Procter & Gamble Expands Into DIY Home Design
Intel Multiplies Marketing Effort For Core 2 Duo
Marketing Daily - Monday, Sept. 18, 2006
Ford Makes New 'Bold Move': Get Smaller
Unilever Reorganizes Marketing and Media
General Mills Rolls Out Fruity Cheerios
Toyota's Strong Brand Values Key to Success
Pantone Names Hot Colors for Spring
Coors Hopes to Revive Its Fading Irish Red
CMO Council Finds Link Between Data Breach and Brand Trust
Nokia Sets Up Shop In Manhattan
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