Marketing Politics Weekly Editions for April 2018
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, April 25, 2018
In Journalism We Trust (Not So Much)
2018 Political Ad Spend Grows, But Digital Media Dips
Mass Email Campaigns Fail To Connect Political Groups And People
Americans Say Amazon Tops Apple, Google In Do-Gooding
Politicians Turn To Social Media To Gain TV Time
'Politico,' AARP Partner To Focus On Key Voters 50+
Press Freedom Index Puts UK At 40th Spot, US Slips To 45th
Ingraham: Advertisers Who Bailed On Her 'Gave In To The Mob'
Trade Group Incompas Sues FCC Over Net Neutrality Repeal
Is Influencer Marketing Complicit In Fraud Of Up To 72%?
Vincent Bollore Detained By Police Amid Corruption Probe Involving Havas
Facebook To Share Content Policing Policies
Half Of Facebook Users Would Pay To Subscribe And/Or Buy Their Data Back
YouTube Touts Machine Learning In Battle Over Inappropriate Content
Studies Show Different Stages OF GDPR Readiness
GDPR: An Advisory And Tips On Compliance
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, April 18, 2018
Putin Must Be Having A Blast, Literally
Net Neutrality Champion Clyburn Leaves FCC
IRS Website Dark For Much Of Tuesday
California Spam Law Would Hold Vendors Liable
Hannity Lawyer Revelation Is Like Raw Meat For Rivals
ABC News Buys 'FiveThirtyEight'
Old Journalism Adage Helps Explain Trump's Comey Tweets
High Court Drops Microsoft Email Privacy Case, Cites CLOUD Act
SCOTUS Divided Over Requiring Online Retailers To Collect Sales Tax
2018 Pulitzers Recognize Societal Change, Innovative Reporting
Facebook Starts Third-Party Fact-Checking In India
A Third Of Experts Predict Digital Media Will Do More Harm Than Good Over Next Decade
'Roseanne' In Trumpland
Is TV Paying The Price For GDPR Compliance?
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, April 11, 2018
Senator, We Run Ads
Zuckerberg Gets Off Easy In First Day Of Testimony
Facebook Offers Bounties For Data Abusers
Facebook's Erosion Continues: Loses Share Of Consumer Time Spent With Digital
Users May Distrust Facebook, But Still Like Social Network
Twitter Endorses 'Honest Ads Act'
'Viceland' Invites People To 'Smoke Out' With Jeff Sessions
GDPR Pushes Up Demand For Data Privacy Officers
'Raw Story' Acquires 'AlterNet' To Assuage Lost Facebook Traffic
Spotlight On GDPR, Data Security: Recent Events Prove Worrisome To Consumers
Relive Your Schoolyard Years With Hannity-Kimmel Feud
The 6 Best TV Shows For The #MeToo Era
Lords Call For Google And Facebook Monopoly Investigation
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, April 4, 2018
Sinclair Is Right - This Is Extremely Dangerous To A Democracy
Americans Believe Mainstream Media Report 'Fake News,' Consider It Serious Problem
Sinclair Chairman: Print Media Has 'No Credibility'
Video Of Sinclair's On-Air Anti-'Fake News' Promos Goes Viral
Filling In The Blanks In Sinclair's 'Anti-Fake News' Promos
Facebook Removes More Kremlin-Linked Accounts
Missouri AG Probes Facebook's Privacy Practices
'Ingraham Angle' Advertising Time In Recent Shows Cut In Half
'Ingraham' Boycott Buzz Effect: Progressives Win, Fox News Loses
YouTube Shooter Accused Company of Censorship Before Attack
Media Stocks Must Be On Guard After Trump Tweets
Fallout From Facebook Controversy Continues
French President Hints Facebook And Google May Need To Be Dismantled
Two Years On And 'What Is Brexit?' Still Dominates Search Queries