Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for August 2022
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2022
Microsoft Identifies TikTok Vulnerability Allowing One-Click Account Hijacking
Uberall Technology Lends An Ear To Speed Customer Response Times, Improve Experience
Taboola Claims Free 'Wallpaper' Service Will Drive 500M Visits To Sites, Bypassing Search Engines
Whoa! Listerine Takes On Dental Floss
Changing U.S. Labor Market Is Changing Media Consumption
The Metaverse Hits An Impasse
The Decline Of Western Civilization, Optimized
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2022
Microsoft Ads Extends RSA Migration Date, Again
Google Officially Kicks Off Shopping Season At Think Retail
Google Employee Who Protested A Contract With Israel Resigns
Trump's Truth Social Delayed For Release In Google Play Store
Kyncl Steps Down At YouTube, Succeeded By Google's Coe
Optimad Media Acquires Effective Spend And Relaunches As Optimal, Focuses On Performance Marketing
Auto-Optimized Audiences: 3 Things You Need To Know
Despite Stalled Spending, Back-To-School Gets Closer To Normal
Q&A On Emotion AI
YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki Previously In Talks To Join Tesla, Book Says
Things Are Looking Up: Firm Offers Reverse Lookups For LinkedIn Accounts
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Aug. 29, 2022
Vibenomics Marketplace Lets Competitors Collaborate, Support In-Store Retail Media
Intuit QuickBooks Finds Ecommerce Footing, Led By Former Amazon, Microsoft Exec
Is Brand Vs. Performance Media An Outdated Construct?
How Emotion AI Is Being Used in Marketing
Appeals Court Revives Ad-Tech Company's Antitrust Claims Against Google
Why Adore Me Keeps Investing In Livestream Commerce
To Finish 2022 Strong Means Finding, Creating And Keeping Consumer Value
Google Accused Of Sending Ad Emails Without Consent
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Aug. 26, 2022
Zuckerberg Admits Using Ranking Algorithm To Suppress Hunter Biden Laptop News
Listen Up: Twitter Adds Podcasts - Do Audio Ads Come Next?
Morgan Stanley, Tennis Pro Leylah Fernandez Inspire Through 'See It To Be It'
Google Revises Approach To Search Results Related To Abortion
Alexa Takes Off For The Moon
GroupM Warns Of Slowdown By 'Digital Endemic' Advertisers
Food Inflation Favors At-Home Eating, Private-Label Products
Marketers Doing More To Reach Consumers With Disabilities, But Barriers Remain: Study
Rising Inflation May Sideline Cause-Related Marketing
4th Ave. Market's Value Exchange Is About Empowerment, Not Just Transaction
News, Travel & Politics Lead In Global Ad-Spend Growth During Q2
Google Delays Testing AdSense FLEDGE API
Google App Lets Marketers Test Experimental A.I. Systems
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Aug. 25, 2022
IBM Tests ID5 To Retarget 1.4M B2B Users In Safari, Benefiting From Lower CPMs
Instacart Campaign Features MTV Spot With Lizzo, Focuses On Discovery, Inspiration
Google Airbrushed Environmental Impact In Search Flights Carbon Calculator, Experts Say
The Most Effective Ads Of July
Perception Vs. Reality
Q2: Non-Game Apps Overtake Game Apps, But Consumer Spend Down For 1st Time
Netflix Dominates Demand Share For Originals; Legacy-Owned Shows Lead For All TV Content
Google 'Pre-bunking' Cartoon Videos Show Promise For Countering Misinformation
Most Americans Favor JCPA Passage, Study Finds
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2022
The Dreams Of An Israeli Fighter Pilot
BrightEdge Data Identifies Search And Optimization Patterns For Holiday Season
Amazon Upgrades Ad Partner Status For Select Companies
iHeartMedia To Host Metaverse Concerts In 'Fortnite' Virtual World
GroupM Sees eCommerce Slowdown, Says It Will Impact Advertising And Media Spending
Six-Point Checklist To Transform Conversation Power
5 Ways Brands Can Get The Most Out Of Working With Creators
CTV Fraudsters Targeting Millions Of Internet-Connected Devices: DoubleVerify
Political Advertising: Social Media Loses Ground, While CTV Gains
Google Accused Of Sending Unsolicited Ad Emails In Europe
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2022
Growth Marketing, Programmatic Misunderstood By Marketers
Yandex Sells News Service To Russian Investors, Focuses On Search
Google Tool Lets Marketers Self-Upgrade Smart Shopping, Local Campaigns To Performance Max
Google Battles Assistant Users Over Accidental Voice Recordings
Taktical Digital Acquires KonvertLab
Facebook Agrees To $37.5M Location Privacy Settlement
Human Avatar Developer Moves Into News, Enables Anyone To Have Their Own 'Anchor'
Children's Ad Guidelines Apply In Metaverse, Watchdog Says
Gen Z To Marketers: Ditch The Persona
Kagan: Ad-Supported Tiers May Cannibalize Netflix, Disney+ Full-Price Subs
Remote Work Hinders Creativity For Some Marketers
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Aug. 22, 2022
Brands Selling On Amazon May Reduce Ad Spend Based On Added Fees
Media Professionals Disconnected From Consumers' Views On Protecting Data, IAS Study Finds
Minority Founded And Publicly Traded Direct Digital Holdings Appoints First Chief Growth Officer
Cisco Meraki CMO Doesn't Believe Browser Cookies Will 'Go Completely Away'
Amazon PSA Starring Michael Jordan And Tessa Thompson Educates About Cyberattacks
YouTube Launches Podcast Page For U.S. Users
Frenemy Action: Google News To Help Local Broadcasters Master First-Party Data, D2C
Prime Time
Apple's Next Big Move: Serving Up Ads In Apps?
Digital Advertising Hits $189 Billion In 2021, Global Forecasts Predict 5% Yearly Growth Through 2027
2022 National TV Movie Spending Down 27% So Far Vs. 2019
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Aug. 19, 2022
Hulu: Pitfall Of Serving Too Many Of The Same Commercials Repeatedly
Away Co-Founder Joins Yahoo Board
Apple Warns Of Security Flaws In iPhones, iPads, Macs
Yahoo Taps Comscore To Expand CTV Brand Safety Tools, Contextual Abilities
Video Streamers This Summer Up 6% In Paid Spend, Media Advertising Value
Authors Guild And Others Blast Internet Archive's Lending Library
Streaming Ads: Relevance Offsets Load -- Up To A Point
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Aug. 18, 2022
Google's New Ranking Algorithm Wants Content Written For Humans
Google CTV Features In Display & Video 360 Advance To Next Steps
Marketers Should Avoid Politically Framing Messages In Ads, Collage Group Says
Despite Rapid Ad Growth, Amazon Remains An Also-Ran Among Local Ad Buyers
TikTok Introduces New Suite Of Shopping Ads
Searchspring Works With Klaviyo To Launch Email Recommendation Tool
Don't Leave Any Demo Behind In Alt Measurement Movement
The State Of Senior Spending Power
Retail Budgets Bounce Back -- But Not All The Way
On Brands' Need To Stay Authentic
By My Estimate, Mobile Is Approaching Half Of All Ad Spending
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