AI & IoT Daily Editions for July 2019
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, July 19, 2019
BMW, Tencent Team On Self-Driving Cars
Driverless Bus, Pedestrian Collision Halts Vienna Trials
Algolia Search Puts Focus On Speed, Personalization, Voice
Targeting Platform Zefr Sells Video ID Units To Vobile
Fugue Offers Cloud Security Product Through Microsoft Azure
Google Sued Over 'Voiceprint' Collection
FaceApp's Broad Privacy Policy Draws Scrutiny
Facebook's Libra, Calibra Are Terrible Ideas
Britbox Launch Announced For This Autumn
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, July 18, 2019
New Autonomous System Lets Lead Driver Control Following Vehicle
Intel Drones Fly For Apollo 11 Anniversary
How AI Blurs The Line Between Display, Search, Native And Programmatic
Outlook Upgrade Is Meant To Overtake Gmail
Upgrade Your Triggered Email Automation
Amazon's Prime Day Special: $10 For Personal Data
Government To Retrain Workers Replaced By AI
Privacy Concerns Over FaceApp
AT&T Hit With New Privacy Suit Over Location Data
Wireless Network Quality Improves Nationwide: J.D. Power
Snap Inc. Extends Sales Partnership With Baidu
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Porsche Links Virtual Reality Experience To Car Movements
Giant Eagle Intros Checkout-Free Grocery Shopping
Virtual Assistant Tapped To Drive 'Wicked' Ticket Sales
European Commission Investigates How Amazon Uses Data
IAC Backs Car-Sharing Company With $250M To Accelerate Growth
Facebook Defends Cryptocurrency In Washington, Says U.S. Should Lead Digital Currency Charge
McDonald's Signals Turn In Delivery With DoorDash Deal In Houston
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, July 16, 2019
Consumer Tech Sales Heading To $400 Billion This Year
First 5G Mobile Roaming Service Starts In Switzerland
Driverless Ride-Sharing Service Launches
AT&T Wants Location Privacy Suit Sent To Arbitration
China Privacy Policy Tougher Than GDPR, Attorney Writes
DoorDash Taps Kepler for Programmatic
Brands Can Track In-Store Visits, Lift To OTT, CTV Ads Served
New Trickbot Variant Could Expose 250 Million Email Addresses
Pearson Launches A Digital-First Model For Textbooks
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, July 15, 2019
Google Assistant Tapped For Moon Landing Anniversary
How Palantir Enables ICE To Target Illegal Immigrants
Microsoft Creates Blueprint For Successful Customer Experiences Backed By Data And AI
Google Home Shares Recordings With Outside Contractors
Study: Most Global Firms Were Hit By Phishing Attacks Last Year
Voice Leak Scandal -- Is This Google's Cambridge Analytica Moment?
TV Music Streaming Service For Older Users Lines Up Float
How To Comply With The Growing Number Of Data Regulations
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, July 12, 2019
VW Invests $2.6 Billion In Ford's Self-Driving Startup
Carmaker Launches Drone Parts Delivery Service
Study Shows High Consumer Awareness For Drones, VR, Cryptocurrency
Google Launches Shoelace App, Connects People With Shared Interests
Trump Disapproves Of Facebook's Cryptocurrency Libra
UK To Press Ahead With Digital Sales Tax, Despite US Tariff Implications
Home Secretary Backs Police Facial Recognition Trials
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, July 11, 2019
Texas Grocer H-E-B Plans Deliveries In Self-Driving Vehicles
NHS Signs Deal With Amazon For Medical Information
Kantar Allows Brands To Combine First And Third-Party Data
MRM McCann Picks Manchester For Innovation
Bentley Unveils Fully Autonomous Concept Car
Google Makes Real-Time Triggers Available For Sporting Events, Live TV
API Automates LinkedIn Ads Performance Reporting
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, July 10, 2019
Intel 'All-In' On Self-Driving Robotaxis
Southwest Airlines Taps AR For 'Shark Week' Promo
Amazon, NHS Unveil Partnership That Relies On Alexa To Dole Out Medical Advice
T-Mobile Says Customers Can't Sue Over Location Data Disclosure
UK Public Wants The ICO To Enforce GDPR To The Hilt
Twilio SendGrid Debuts Email Automation, Testing Tools
ICO Warns Marriott Of GBP99m Fine
Email Receipts Invade My Privacy: Opinion
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, July 9, 2019
31 Million Projected To Shop Via Smart Speakers This Year
U.S. Mobile Download Speeds Increase 24%
Automakers Are Not Explaining, Selling Safety Technology
Behavioral Shifts In Voice Search Demonstrate Need For SEO
Signpost Raises $50M In Late-Stage Funding
Are Some Android Apps Taking Data Without Permission?
Menlo Security Nails $75 Million In Funding
UK ICO Seeks To Fine Marriott $124 Million Over Breach
Medallia Hopes To Raise $247 Million With IPO
Google To Acquire Elastifile, Expanding Cloud Storage
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, July 8, 2019
Consumers Not Craving Self-Driving Cars
Amazon Adds Alexa 'Skill Connections'
NYSE Launches 'Living Tech' Campaign
By 2022 A Quarter Of All Purchases Will Be Online
What Robots Can't Do
Superhuman Removes Location Tracking From Email App: Report
UK Businesses Report Drop In Cyber Attacks
BA Fined GBP183m For Data Breach
BA Flies The Flag For What Happens When GDPR Bites
Zenith Predicts Half Of Advertising Will Be Digital By 2021
Google Offers Europeans Mobile Browser Choice
CMA Halts Amazon's Investment In Deliveroo
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