• Study: Twitter No Slam Dunk For Marketers
  • Target Under Fire From Gay Community
  • Landon Donovan On Course To Rewrite Sports Marketing
    Barry Janoff chats with Donovan's agent, Richard Motzkin.
  • NPD Group: Convenience, Cravings, Atmosphere Drive Take-Out
    The NPD Group says that that nearly two-thirds of prepared foods sold at retail come from traditional supermarkets rather than quick-serve restaurants, but Mark Brandau focuses on the qualities that drive customers to the take-out window: convenient locations, "simply liking it there, good prices or a special craving." Restaurants benefited in the '80s and '90s when more women entered the workforce, according to Ann Hanson, NPD's executive director of product. "However, the number of women entering the labor force is no longer growing, and supper meals eaten at home have been increasing," she says. "As a result, visits …
  • Green Baby Products Firm Battles Big Boys Virally
    Karen Dybis takes a look at how EcoSTORE USA is making a slow but sure impact in three categories -- household cleaners, personal care and baby-care products -- that are traditionally difficult to break into. "It can be challenging to penetrate the market when you're up against huge companies like Proctor & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson," says Lynn Appel Downing, vp of operations. "It's been slow growth, but we're relentless." The company is opening a 37,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Auburn Hills, Mich., today, adding 35 jobs and increasing production of products such as Citrus All …
  • Post-It Notes Turn 30 With Down-Home Theme
    3M's Post-It notes turn 30 this year and, not surprisingly, the company has been planning some events to ensure that it sticks around for another 30 or more. A billboard in Grand Central Terminal consisting of more than 100,000 Post-it Notes by the artist Eric Daigh will be unveiled next Tuesday, for starters. It is based on the work of two high school students from Florida who entered a collage poster contest. The campaign will reflect the widespread use of the notes in our homes. "The product has found its way into homes through the office channel," says …
  • PepsiCo, Feeling Its Oats, Will Try To Lift Breakfast Category
    PepsiCo is preparing a major campaign behind its Quaker Oats brand, which was acquired a decade ago and has been languishing in the face of competition from generic labels and an overall decline in the category, Anjali Cordeiro reports. "There is a far-longer-term issue we have to deal with, which is to get Americans to eat breakfast, [and then] to make sure it's healthy," says Quaker Foods & Snack president Jaya Kumar. Although 97% of consumers believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day, only 40% eat it. The company plans to launch new products …
  • At $41,000, Chevrolet Volt Will Be A Jolt To Bank Accounts
    The Chevrolet Volt's base sticker price will be $41,000 -- before a maximum $7,500 federal tax credit -- as opposed to the $32,780 sticker price for the all-electric Nissan Leaf car. But, Greg Gardiner points out, the $350-a-month, three-year lease on the Volt is just $1 more than what Nissan is asking for the Leaf. The down payment on the Volt is $501 more, too, however. Both vehicles make their debut in November. "These two cars signal the beginning of a revolution," says University of California Davis professor Dan Sperling, in that they will reduce fuel cost …
  • 'Jailbreaking' Smartphones Ruled Legal Under U.S. Copyright Law
  • CPSC To Investigate Mother's Complaint About Happy Meal Toy
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