• Don't Get Bowled Over by Branding (UpsideToday)
    Much has been made about the importance of branding on the Web. Collectively, dotcomers have spent hundreds of millions of dollars adorning their logos on everything from blimps to bumper stickers. So why didn't the dotcom branding campaigns work?
  • More Tips on RFPs (ClickZ)
    Three more things you should be aware of when "RFPing" a potential site for the next buy you put together for a client.
  • Rocketing Your Message Into the Star-Lit Heavens (MediaLifeMagazine)
    An endless landscape that has never been posted with billboards or any other kind of advertising is opening up. Just a media buyer’s dream? Nope. It’s real. It’s outer space.
  • Net Ranking Numbers Don't Tell Whole Story (CNet)
    Numbers don't lie. But when it comes to Internet rankings, they may not tell the whole truth.
  • Online Advertising Speaks Out (TheStandard.com)
    Frustrated with ineffective banner ads, advertisers are screaming for alternatives. Will audio ads help them get their messages heard?
  • The Mechanics of Buying Online Media (ClickZ)
    Do the mechanics of buying and selling online advertising differ greatly from those of traditional media?
  • Why Trade Publishers Love the Internet (AdTalk.com)
    For some time now, consumer magazine publishers have been preaching the virtues of the Internet - and they're not just talking about the cash that upstart dot-com's throw at them.
  • DoubleClick Doubles Revenue, Quadruples Loss (AdWeek)
    DoubleClick Inc. posted a narrower-than-expected loss for the second quarter, easing fears that the Internet economy's recent stumble would drag on the Internet-advertising firm's results.
  • Traffic Ratings: Are They Gospel? (ClickZ)
    Venture capital firms and media planners both use Media Metrix traffic ratings. But there are questions about the way these traffic ratings are derived and whether sampling reflects reality. What happens to the accuracy of audience measurement as our soci
  • Abrupt Halt in Time People Spend Surfing (MediaLifeMagazine
    The web, long envisioned as a medium that could experience growth more or less without end, has abruptly come to a stop.
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