• Mastering the Medium (The Standard.com)
    Ready to wage an Internet-speed advertising blitz? You might need an interactive agency, an old-school firm or both.
  • Media Heresy (ClickZ)
    The media departments of the world have come to assume that demographics are a science that can't be ignored. Tig Tillinghast tells you why he doesn't include demographic information in targeting briefs or media rationales.
  • Scatter's a Bargain With No $ Upturn In Sight (MediaLifeMagazine)
    Looking for cheap TV time? Think fourth quarter. Sales in the scatter market are already hurting, and analysts see little out there to drive prices back up.
  • Don't People Want to Control Their TV's? (NYTimes.com)
    TiVo and ReplayTV may change viewing habits, but consumers aren't clamoring for them yet. (Free Registration Required)
  • Real Media Raises $30 Mil. (AdWeek)
    New York-based Real Media announced today it raised $30 million in another round of financing from existing investors, Advance Internet and PubliGroupe S.A.
  • PowerAds.com Gets Ready for Games (E&P)
    Olympic coverage prepped for Zwire! network.
  • NY 'Daily News' Launches Free Afternoon Edition (E&P Online)
    'Daily News Express' targets commuters in Manhattan, Brooklyn.
  • Marketers Get Help From E-Mail Experts (NYTimes.com)
    Advertisers are turning to specialists to handle their email promotions.
  • An Alternative to Impressions? (ClickZ)
    Here's an alternative to the media currency of impressions and clicks as a unit of exchange: audience and session.
  • Don't Blame Mergers for Rise in Radio Ad Prices (MediaDailyNews)
    The fast pace of radio station consolidation in the past few years sparked concern that a decline in competition would lead to surging advertising costs.
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