• Online Marketers Unveil Privacy Protection Standards (CNet.com)
    Mindful that growing worries about privacy on the Internet may stall the growth of the online marketing industry, a coalition of Web advertising companies today released privacy protection standards intended to control the proliferation of unwanted bulk e
  • Snowball To Build Out Online Profiles of Young Web Surfers (The Buzz from SharperMedia.com)
    Snowball.com Inc., the Web site network targeting youths, introduces a research division this week to capture revenue from marketers seeking information about consumers.
  • Ad Spending On The Internet Fell In August, Report Says (mediacentral.com)
    Advertising spending on the Internet fell 7.6 percent in August from July, marking the first monthly decline this year, according to a report released Monday by AdZone Interactive.
  • Want The Big Bucks? Be A Media Director. (MediaLifeMagazine)
    Although the salary range is wide, top media executives at agencies with the biggest billings can now command salaries that would have been unimaginable only several years ago.
  • In the Twilight of the Advertising System (ClickZ)
    In a time of intelligent agents, what roles will branding and advertising agencies play? With the advent of e-marketplaces, how long will it be before print-project markups, media commissions, and creative costs stop flowing into ad agency coffers?
  • Magazine Ad Boom Shows No Signs Of Easing (MediaLifeMagazine)
    The next five years will bring more of the same for the magazine industry: burgeoning ad revenues and dwindling circulation revenues.
  • The Three P's of Online Advertising (ClickZ)
    Now that advertisers have such short time horizons, online media buyers are beginning to realize that they have to use what this Adam Posman calls the three P's of online marketing: pay per performance.
  • Look Out Email, Here Comes V-mail (Digitrends.net)
    Welcome "v-mail." No, not just voice mail - video mail. A whole new category of video or "video-like" spots and emailing services are venturing onto the Web.
  • NBC Lags in Early Olympics Viewership (MediaLifeMagazine)
    Despite a strong start, NBC seems to be having a bit of trouble so far drawing eyeballs to its Olympic coverage.
  • The Renaissance of Disintermediation (ClickZ)
    If you remove the middlemen from the transactional equation, companies can sell products cheaper and faster. Apply this term to the advertising industry, and it means the dissolution of agencies in the role of buyer-by-proxy because clients and publishers
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