• Try Before You Buy, Without Ever Leaving Home (TurboAds.com)
    If I'm interested in plain text and a nice illustration, I'll pick up a book. Consumers expect, no, they demand that the Internet be all it can be -- interactive.
  • Don't Wave the White Flag for Banners (Digitrends.net)
    A veteran marketer details the steps necessary to achieve success with banner ads.
  • NATPE News (AdAge.com)
    TiVo, marketer of a personal TV service for digital video recorders, has formed the TiVo Entertainment Group to help it focus on key business targets.
  • Online Ad Pricing -- A Catch 22? (Digitrends.net)
    Advertisers and agencies want to find the ad model that works best for them while publishers want to generate the most revenue possible without devaluing their brands.
  • The Imperiled World Of Rep Firms (AdWeek.com)
    Presentations by the programming departments of the major TV station rep firms used to be one of the hottest tickets at NATPE. What has brought about the change? Is the rep-firm programming department facing extinction?
  • FTC Clears DoubleClick (TheStandard.com)
    The commission closes its case on the biggest online ad server, which has been under investigation for more than a year for its data-handling practices.
  • Rethinking Internet News as a Business Proposition (NYTimes.com)
    The first era of newspaper experiments on the Internet, fueled in part by the fear that the Web would devour profits, is over. A new era of newspaper experiments on the Internet, fueled in part by the fear that the Web will not generate profits, has begun
  • Magazines Look Forward To Recovery In Second Half (SharperMedia.com)
    While a cooling economy is expected to affect the advertising market during the first half of the year, many companies are looking for recovery in the second half.
  • The Brand vs. Retail Advertising Debate (Digitrends.net)
    Should you emphasize brand attributes or go with a hard-hitting retail price-point approach? The short answer is: both.
  • No Gain: Super Bowl Ad Pricing Is Flat (adage.com)
    The Super Bowl, the biggest advertising event of the year, is commanding less than a super price, showing signs of flattening in the price tag for the average commercial in the game.
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