• Plan to Be Innovative (ClickZ)
    Unrealistic deadlines for media plans, the race to keep up on new technologies, and strained personnel resources can all be enemies of innovation, which is often the secret of our success. So you have to watch your agency processes and work habits.
  • Ryan: Despite Current Woes, Online Ads Have Bright Future (IAR)
    "All the positive things we need to fundamentally launch the industry are there," said DoubleClick's CEO. "We need to take it to the next level."
  • Ratings Plunge for Network Reruns (NYTimes)
    As summer ratings for repeats slump, television executives are wondering if the old economic model for network TV is facing collapse.
  • Digital Change and the Ad Business (AdAge)
    A "Tools of the Trade" Special Report - As digital change continues to surge across the advertising business, top managers are confronted with as many opportunities as maddening puzzles. This 13-article special report provides a comprehensive overview.
  • Increasing Ad Budgets Pays Off for Marketers (USA TODAY)
    During the ad industry's worst downturn in a decade, some advertisers actually are spending more. And worrying less.
  • Cable, Satellite Battle for Viewers (AP)
    Even as media titans wrestle for control of DirecTV, the nation's leading satellite broadcaster, a separate battle is raging between satellite providers and cable companies for the allegiance of TV viewers.
  • The Bright Future of Web Advertising (Business 2.0)
    They say advertising on the Internet is a bust. Don't believe them. Companies are just beginning to explore the online world as a marketing tool, and they're moving past the banner ad to more adventurous ways to get your attention.
  • In Birthplace of Olympics, 2004 Games Lure Sponsors (NYTimes.com)
    The Athens organizing committee is setting records for money raised from national sponsors for the 2004 Summer Games.
  • Single-Copy Sales, Zoned Ads on Rise at Newspapers (Washington Business Journal)
    Selling newspapers ain't what it used to be. It's no secret that circulation has dropped or at least flattened at many papers across the country. Cable, the Internet and niche publications all challenged the dominance of major dailies, well before the dot-com invasion came and went.
  • B2B Online Advertising: Dead or Alive? (ClickZ)
    Here's a review of a rash of statistics, information, and data that have been released in recent months about online advertising. And he draws some conclusions, or at least enumerates some points to consider.
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