• The New Inventory Problem, Part 1
    Much has been written about the inventory management problems Web publishers face. Inventory is hard, if not impossible, to predict. Network latency and underdelivery constantly plague the ad operations process. And managing potential conflicts between multiple campaigns competing for the same section or same audience is a problem just beginning to be addressed by vendor solutions, such as Solbright's AdSuite.
  • Blogging and Business Moving Mainstream
    "My life, My thoughts, My world," writes Shanee from Newport News, Virginia, about her life tales. Welcome to the world of blogging. For a few years now, blogs have given tech-savvy individuals a platform to publish directly to the Internet their personal opinions on everything from relationships to politics. Thousands of blogs, characterized by some as the height of self-importance, are posted daily.
  • DoubleClick shut down by denial of service attack
    Internet advertising company DoubleClick was shut down by a denial of service (DoS) attack launched from computers on the Internet, a company spokeswoman said.
  • Convention Internet Access Crashes for an Hour
    Hundreds of reporters covering the Democratic National Convention were left without an Internet connection for more than an hour on Tuesday after engineers caused a portion of the network in the media center to go offline.
  • AOL Ad Surprise to Bolster Time Warner Results
    Fears of another costly buying spree and a looming Securities and Exchange Commission probe have clouded Time Warner earnings over the past few quarters.
  • Google IPO May Hasten Staff Turnover
    Google Inc.'s initial public stock offering next month will instantly transform hundreds of Silicon Valley workers into millionaires, at least on paper.
  • Jupiter: Online Ad Inflation on the Way
    The Internet advertising industry will grow substantially in 2004 thanks to rising ad prices, according to Jupiter Research.
  • Stars of Convention: Bloggers
    "Let's Get the Party Started," screamed a Drudge Report headline Monday morning -- in 48-point Arial, no less. Then it linked to a drab Associated Press story on Bill Clinton's role in the convention, and the "relentlessly upbeat" approach of Democratic Party organizers. "This is going to be the most harmonious convention we've had in years," promised convention chairman Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico.
  • Nearly Two-Thirds of all Emails Now Spam
    Sixty-five per cent of all emails sent in June 2004 were spam - up from just eight per cent three years ago, according to email monitoring company Brightmail. The steady increase in spam rates shows no sign of slowing, and existing legislation such as the US Can Spam Act will have little effect, claimed the company.
  • ABC News's High-Tech, Low-Visibility Coverage
    ABC, which has no cable network, is offering 24/7 coverage of news and politics -- but only to those at the other end of a narrow technological pipeline.
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