Pinterest Gives Creators A Way To Generate Revenue From Shoppable Pins

Pinterest wooed influencers Tuesday, announcing ways for content creators to generate revenue by promoting items across the site. It added support for affiliate links to give creators a slice of consumer purchases.

Product tagging its story-like Idea Pins also launched to drive sales from more places, along with a “paid partnerships” label to support brand sponsorships within Idea Pins.

Pinterest Idea Pins makes content shoppable.

It enables creators to earn commissions through affiliate links, and partner with brands on sponsored content. Consumers can shop director from Idea Pins, creators such as Olive + Brown, and Fall for DIY.

Creators use the product-tagging feature with any of the millions of Product Pins on Pinterest. Product Pins uploaded by retailers are ingested into the platform through a partnership with Shopify, and saved by people pinning photos.



Since pinners are 89% more likely to exhibit shopping intent on products tagged in Idea Pins than on standalone Product Pins, Pinterest came up with a way to let creators tap into the catalog and use the shopping intent by tagging specific products in their own Idea Pins. 

Pinterest also launched a tool that allows creators to disclose their paid partnerships. Creators who make branded content can add the brands directly in their Idea Pins, and once the brand approves the tag -- the Idea Pin will include a “paid partnership” label.

Idea Pins product tagging tool for all business accounts in the U.S. and UK will roll out during the coming months to international creators. The paid partnerships tool is live for select creators in most countries where Pinterest operates.

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