• Green: The New Black?
    I invite everyone to please share in the discussion forum below, or email me directly. I will focus in the next months on the most outlandish, creative, or perhaps even brilliant ideas in terms of incorporating green into traditional media. I'm hoping this exercise will create some connections with like-minded individuals, initiate some deal flow, and act as the genesis to numerous award-winning campaigns. Hopefully, then, we can prevent green from being remembered once again as merely "the new black."
  • The Female Side of Green
    In addition to making nearly 85% of all consumer purchases (on everything from autos to healthcare), a recent study from Frank About Women found that 25% of all products in a woman's shopping cart today are environmentally friendly. So what can your brand do to give women more opportunity to help the planet?
  • It Really Has Gone Mainstream
    In the cleaning category, it's hard to get more mainstream than Clorox. Clorox's Greenworks line is being fueled as much by its well-known brand name as it is by the same natural ingredients that characterize so many other green brands on the shelves.
  • The Next Industrial Revolution Has Begun
    Since the Industrial Revolution, a "cradle to grave" system has been in place; products and packaging ending up in landfills at the end of their useful life cycles. In a "cradle to cradle" system, materials are perpetually circulated and reused in "closed loops."