• 4 Ways E-commerce Can Drive Conversions From Green Initiatives
    Going green, online-is it worth it? The short answer is yes. Many marketers may not realize that catering specifically to this type of consumer can actually increase conversion rates, while maintaining your image as a green-friendly organization. And when applying some personalization to the mix, can also help keep your green friends very, very loyal.
  • Top Sustainability Consultants: Where Do You Rank?
    As green marketers, we spend a lot of time thinking about brands as clients. In Verdantix's recent study Global Sustainability Leaders Survey: Brands, the tables are turned as they rank the consultants and service providers offering counsel on sustainability. The study was based on interviews with 250 senior sustainability decision-makers at firms with annual revenues greater than $250 million, across 21 industries in 13 countries.
  • A Resolution For A Sustainable New Year
    As marketing professionals, we need to think of "green" marketing not only in terms of helping our clients create socially responsible images, but also how we can practice sustainability within our own agency cultures. For this New Year, we can resolve to eliminate waste on the back-end for ourselves and our clients, which will in turn make the experiences we create for consumers that much more delightful and engaging.
  • A New Year For Storytelling
    Sometimes following what goes on in the world of sustainability feels a bit like doing homework. Carbon emission reduction targets, true cost, carbon markets, standardized reporting, climate change mitigation -- the list goes on. While it's critical to understand what each of those topics means for businesses and consumers, it's not the type of language that will get mass audiences to "go green."