The Butterfly Effect: Bumpier Flights and No Wine
    If climate change stays the course, we're looking at a future of bumpier flights and no wine. Which means that air travel is going to be decidedly more uncomfortable for anxious fliers and those folks who have to sit next to them. Start stockpiling your wine now, folks.
    Recognizing The Companies That Embrace Sustainability On A Daily Basis
    On April 22, less than two weeks from now, more than one billion people around the world will celebrate Earth Day. Traditionally, Earth Day has been the ideal time for brands to tout their eco-friendly practices and vie for consumers' attention with incentives to promote their brand, rather than promote Earth Day itself. On a corporate level, it's a day dedicated to actually making environmental contributions. Some businesses choose to dedicate the day to conserving electricity while others encourage volunteering with a local community program that endorses sustainability. However, we should not only be recognizing brands and companies that are …
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