• Invisible Children: Slacktivism or Heroism?
    As most of you are aware, Invisible Children has changed the landscape of modern digital activism with a video that will do for cause media what Star Wars did for sci-fi. In short, the video is a professionally produced documentary highlighting African rebel warlord Joseph Kony's unconscionable practice of forcing 9 to 12 year olds into a life of violent slavery as child soldiers. The general purpose of the campaign is to raise international awareness of Kony's crimes, with a goal of capturing and trying him by the end of 2012.
  • Eco-chic: Celebrating International Women's Day
    This March, the world celebrated International Women's Day, recognizing both the extraordinary successes and continuing challenges that women face globally. In accordance with that theme, I'd like to reflect on the role of women in the green economy and the influence that women have as green consumers and green leaders.
  • Raking In The Green: Benefits Of Efundraising And Digital Donation Sites
    How often do you receive free calendars, stationery sets, or custom return-address labels from really amazing organizations trying to raise funds for their equally amazing causes? How often do you reciprocate and send a follow-up donation?
  • USDA Certification Raises Bar For Biobased
    With carbon footprint and energy independence on everyone's minds, many marketers are looking to capitalize upon their product's biobased content. But not all biobased claims are alike. The scientific rigor of an ASTM standard combined with the credibility of the USDA raises the bar for the industry and makes the USDA Certified Biobased label a new source of competitive advantage within the consumer and government procurement markets for brand owners who make the effort to get their biobased products certified.