• Redefining Value
    The opportunity for CPG brands is to connect with the evolved definition of American values. With the "American Dream" farther off than ever, consumers find themselves taking stock of their predicament and making changes toward a sustainable future.
  • It's Time To Demand Responsibility From Consumers, Too
    Brands should not only continue their CSR efforts, they should expand them in a way that allows consumers to participate. Rapidly evolving social media channels make this effort easier and more cost-efficient than ever, and doing so shifts the discussion from corporate responsibility vs. consumer responsibility to "shared responsibility."
  • Framing Of Cause Critical To Consumers
    If cause-related marketers want to appeal to the largest possible audience of both types of consumer groups, the presentation of the advertising should emphasize short-term gains over long-term gains.
  • When It Comes To Packaging, Less Is More
    Here are cost savings that go right to the bottom line. The perception of a greener footprint. Taking a lead marketing position in a highly competitive category. All good - if it works according to plan.