• The Next Frontier: 'Responsible Consumption'
    Is Tom's of Maine toothpaste really green if consumers leave the water running while they brush their teeth? Is an Energy Star-rated light bulb really green if it remains on after everyone leaves the room?
  • Is There A Good?
    April 20, 2010, is a day of marked deep cynicism and self-reflection for many, including myself. BP was the poster-child of Green Marketing in the energy sector. Its brilliantly polished futuristic white pumps and multi-hued-green modernized logo were a beacon of optimism. I was convinced. I had hope.
  • Why We All Need To Support The EPA
    Environmentalism is a prerequisite to a healthy economy.
  • Driving Demand For Home Energy Retrofits. Ooh Yeah, Baby!
    What we need to do is change the dialogue about energy efficiency so that people will understand its benefits. In addition to "savings" let's use words like comfort, security, health, safety and warmth.