Digital And Mobile Transactions Are Dethroning The Paper Receipt
    Mobile transactions are revolutionizing the way consumers make payments. Of all American cellphone users, nearly half own smartphones and can assist in creating a greener environment. The ability to redeem a service or product by simply presenting a scannable receipt is not only making transactions seamless for the customer, but is also significantly improving environmental paper waste. With today's technology and the increasing dependence that consumers have on their smartphones, paper receipts are inefficient. Not only does the production of paper receipts emit carbon monoxide equivalent to that of driving a car for a solid year, allEtronic, a digital paperless …
    Business Model Innovation Yields Sustainability Profits
    We've said before that sustainability - and being green - is good for business. The recent MIT Sloan Management Review / Boston Consulting Group study is another testament to that, finding that more companies are profiting from sustainable business models.
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