• Want To Be 'Liked' In A Conversation?
    Facebook has become a fascinating barometer of social preference over the years. This is true on both a micro-scale (say, amongst my own friends), and on a larger scale (examining the collective behavior of Facebook users in general).
  • Managing Risk And Opportunity
    Has the World Economic Forum been reading "The Hunger Games?" While the recent Global Risks Report doesn't predict a world where children fight to the death for sport, it does warn that the "seeds of dystopia" are being sown. It's definitely not a report to be read alone or before bedtime.
  • NASCAR's Green Resolutions
    As we mentioned in October's article, going green can be masculine, too. We highlighted initiatives across all sports, but in 2012, NASCAR will be the one to really watch.
  • Education Is Key To Success
    Given the complexities of greening, properly educating consumers can make the difference in the success of a campaign.