Back To Basics: Normcore And Sustainability
    Do you dress according to your own set of style rules? Do you avoid wearing obvious fashion labels? Do you eschew the season's latest trends? If so, you might be more stylish than you think. If you've happened to read a fashion magazine or blog this year, you've probably heard about "normcore" - a much debated and discussed buzzword and one of this year's hottest movements in fashion and design.
    Exposed! Global Warming Is Giant Hoax!
    "In a world where charlatans and mountebanks blather on about the impending horrors of climate change ... one man stood up and said 'NO.' One crusader faced down the might of the liberal-Birkenstock complex and dared say what many had thought, but few had the courage to utter: 'Climate change isn't real because the Bible says it ain't.' He is ... the man who brought a novelist to testify at a congressional hearing on environmental science. He is ... the scourge of every scientist who dares uphold a century's worth of climate measurements against the word of God. He is …
    Mission Versus Message - Why You Might Need To Rethink Green Marketing
    Sustainable brands are some of the few types of companies that are clear about their mission. While tech giants and consumer brands struggle with their mission statements, striving to balance responsibility to shareholders, with responsibility to employees and consumers, green brands tend to know why they exist.
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