• Green 2.0
    If charities hope to ride the tide of the modern media era, they will certainly have to become less defensive. For those that do, potentially huge opportunity awaits given the public's currently unquenchable desire to do good in a world that desperately needs it.
  • Higher Education Has Sustainability To Sell
    With a few more years of research, schools may come to find that it pays to be green, and I believe we'll see sustainability become a universal marketing pitch to students across the nation.
  • Doctor My Eyes
    Before Seventh Generation and others can educate healthcare providers about the health implications of ingredients in household cleaners, marketers first need to understand how much doctors currently know about cleaner ingredients. And do they even believe the ingredients in cleaners pose a significant health risk? Once companies have this baseline understanding of providers' knowledge and perceptions, they can then set education goals.
  • The New Color of Music
    More tours and entertainment properties in general will continue to go green and those of us in the agency world will continue to support those efforts on behalf of our brand clients in order to reinforce their own green messaging to consumers.