• A Guy Rows Into A Swamp And Says To A Frog ...

    I often watch my favorite childhood film, “The Muppet Movie,” with my son. 

    Dom DeLuise makes his entrance in Kermit’s swamp, rowing frantically, asking for help.

    “I’m lost. I’m lost. I’m truly lost,” he exclaims. 

    “Have you tried Hare Krishna?” Kermit responds. 

    To some, this is a groaner; to others, this is funny; to others, this is offensive. 

    But everyone LOVES humor. 

    Similarly, who loves green? The short answer: everyone. 

    Over the past five years, green marketing has gone from marginal, risky and controversial to a ubiquitous, mature and mainstay practice. 

    Traditionally, advertisers were conscious of alienating so-called “conservative consumers,” ...

  • Going Beyond The 'End of the Road'
    Last week, I attended the New York Times-hosted Energy for Tomorrow conference. Held in New York City, it was a day of discussions and debate about the future of energy - weighing the pros and cons of wind, natural gas, ethanol, solar cells, nuclear or some heretofore undiscovered source of power. A recurrent theme was that restricted resources - or in some cases, restricted access to resources - is a key catalyst for innovative solutions.
  • The IPad Agency: 5 Ways To Make Marketing Greener From The Inside Out
    In the history of this newsletter, we've covered everything from renewable tech marketing to corporate sustainability efforts as part of a consumer marketing plan. We know how to get consumers to want to participate in green efforts, the advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce, and how to get consumers to donate to a green cause.
  • Kermit Was Right
    Here's an idea: Let's all wear green clothes. Every day. Let's drive green cars. And live in green houses. I mean green like Kermit. Ridiculous, right? It's easy to imagine the response in the boardroom at the receiving end of this pitch.