• Frito-Lay Seems To Have Learned A Lesson
    This more subdued communication correctly takes away any hint of potential greenwash from the widely publicized video that the bags might degrade in open air. The shift in emphasis from "compostable" to "natural" represents good green marketing at its best: start with a legitimately greener product and package, and lead with the primary benefits (in this case, great taste and high quality ingredients) -- not with promises of "saving the planet."
  • Green Leadership
    Here are some important tips for those who care enough to take a leadership role in encouraging greater adoption of genuine green offerings.
  • It's Time To Make Every Day Earth Day
    The greatest potential for business growth lies in instituting sustainability because it is the right thing to do (for people, planet and company), not because it's a way to avoid being criticized. Now that your staff has stopped wearing green and the recycling bin is overflowing, how will your business support the environment?
  • Preaching To The Choir
    Green marketing is about getting first adopters to sing.