Marketing Politics Daily Editions for November 2016
Marketing Politics Daily - Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2016
Was It Comey, Or Was It Clinton?
Kellogg Joins Brands Dropping Breitbart, Cites Values
FBI May Have Been Investigating Trump During Election
Politico Focus Aims To Connect Brands With Political Influencers
Tiffany, Zales Aim For Holiday Sparkle Amid Political Controversies
$1 Million+ Donors To Inaugural Committee Get Dinner With Trump
EU Court Ponders: What, Exactly, Is Uber?
HZDG Lands Maryland Marketing Assignment
Trump Picks Mnuchin For Treasury, Ross For Commerce
Lawmakers Protect Consumers' Right To Post Reviews
The New York Times Debuts NYT en Espanol App
Trump's Election Spurs Internet Archive To Create Copy In Canada
Jill Stein's Recount Helps Generate Email List
China Tests Orwellian "Social Credit" System
Marketing Politics Daily - Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2016
Report Reveals Google's Support For Hillary Clinton
Trump To News Media: You're No Fun At All!
Authenticity Ads Make Stronger Impact Than Analytics, Targeting In 2016 Campaign
Trump To Launch Victory Tour On Thursday
AP's New Executive Editor Buzbee Rethinks Presidential News Coverage
Trump Tweets Teen's Critique Of CNN Journo
Trump Foundation Admits Self-Dealing After Lying On Tax Returns
Stein Presses For Recount In Pennsylvania
Fake News Not Only An Issue For Politics, But For Brand Marketers
Government To Allow IoT Hacking For Research
White House Taps Zuckerberg To Tackle Poverty
Taboola Takes On Fake News Furor
The Calcification Of A Columnist
US Navy Victim of Latest Data Breach
JetBlue Expands Flights To Cuba
Axel Springer Boss: Facebook Doesn't Need To Police Fake News
Vizio Presses Judge To Dismiss Privacy Case
Adblock Plus Fends Off Latest Publisher Lawsuit
Germany Presses Facebook To Police Platform
Marketing Politics Daily - Monday, Nov. 28, 2016
Tensions Between President Trump And Businessman Trump
Without Evidence, Trump Claims Millions Voted Illegally
Clinton Campaign Joins Jill Stein In Wisconsin Recount
Kellyanne Conway Fires At Potential Administration Pick Mitt Romney
Canadian Government Past Due & Over Budget on Email Overhaul
Ireland Is Investigating Yahoo's Massive Data Breach
Wieser Revises 2017 Downward: Cites 'Uncertainties,' Tough 2016 Comparison
Internet Industry Group Issues IoT Security Guidelines
Versailles Of Belief
Privacy And Data: What Will The Future Hold?
Using Cultural Intelligence To Achieve Great Work
Marketing Politics Daily - Friday, Nov. 25, 2016
Canadian AdTech Firms Expect Stronger Growth Following Trump's Win
Sports, Political TV Fuel National TV Ad Sales In October
Students Can't Distinguish Between Real, Fake News Stories
Facebookers 2.5 Times More Likely To Read Fake News, Millennials Least Prone
Team Of Lawyers, Computer Scientists Urge Clinton To Challenge Election Results
Facebook Installs Software To Appease Chinese Government
NYC Mayor Releases Some Emails With Political Consultant
Google Warns Top Journos Of Hacking Threat
Jose Cuervo Delays IPO Plans Because Of Election
Fed Regulators Ask Device Manufacturers To Help Tackle Distracted Driving
Polling Can Double Email Engagement Rates
Hackers Broke Into EU Commission's Computers
What Does The Autumn Statement Mean For Marketers?
Trump Telecom Adviser Wants FCC Stripped Of Power
Marketing Politics Daily - Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2016
Mainstream Media Needs To Recapture Its Investigative Thread, Start A Two-Way Conversation
Trump Taps South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley For UN Ambassador Position
Election 2016 - How did the Media Get it Wrong?
Mitt Romney Leads Secretary Of State Picks
The Flailing Donald Trump
FEC Finds Over 1,000 Errors In Trump's Latest Financial Filing
'Politico' Editor Resigns After Publishing Alt Right Leader's Address
Most Middle-Schoolers Can't Distinguish News From Native Ads
Merkel Joins Chorus Warning Against Fake News
Donald Trump Will Not Go After Clinton for Email Server
TV/Media News Viewers Want More Facts, Less Interpretation
The Mindful Democracy Manifesto
Facebook Accused Of Making Censorship Tool For China
Make A 'Fake News' List And Check It Twice: Google's, Facebook's Quest To Squelch It
Yelp Asks California Judges To Lift Censorship Order
Native Advertising Institute Honors Politico, Marriott, And Netflix
Forecast: Local TV Ads To Witness Steep Decline In 2017
NEW! The Cost Of Living Below Poverty Level
Airbnb Drops Challenge To New York Advertising Law
AppNexus Bans Breitbart News From Its Ad Network, Citing Hate Speech
Marketing Politics Daily - Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2016
Trump's Win: Ad Agencies Must Address Middle America
Trump Unleashes On The 'NYT' - Again
Donald Trump's Popularity Soars Post-Election
President-Elect Trump Addresses Nation Through YouTube, Holds Press Conference 'Soon'
Facebook Attempts To Combat Fake News
Trump Names Net Neutrality Foes To Transition Team
Trump Rails Against Media Executives, Anchors In Private Meeting
Hillary Clinton Will Not Be Investigated By Trump Administration
Local Government Watching Social Media
Judge Throws Out Lawsuit Accusing Twitter Of Encouraging ISIS
Internet Association Urges Trump To Preserve Protections For Web Sites
Warner Bros. Finalizes FTC Settlement Over Influencer Campaign
Entertainment, Politics, Business Firings? It's All Porous
Mike Pence's Lawyers Are Arguing Against Turning Over Email Documents in Public Records Request
Journalists Call On Facebook To Champion Accurate News
UK Broadband To Get A Boost From The Chancellor
Native Ad Expert Calls On Industry To Help Google, Facebook Shut Down Fake News
Marketing Politics Daily - Monday, Nov. 21, 2016
'Bloomberg' Shakes Up Politics, 'Businessweek' Post-Election
Mitt Romney Actively Considered For Secretary Of State
In Fake News Era, TV Retains Top Spot In Voter Influence
The Night Mike Pence Twerked: Drunken Gay Bar Fiasco Caught On Video!
ProtonMail Subscriptions Double After U.S. Election
Alt-Right Conference Heils Trump Victory
Will Fake News Be Old Media's Impetus For Consumer Growth?
Senate Democrats Want FCC To Crack Down On 'Zero-Rating' Schemes
Trump University Fraud Cases Settled For $25 Million
What The Election Taught Us About The Complexity Of Hispanic Voters
House Oversight Committee Still Investigating Clinton Email
In The Wake Of Fake: New Life For Mainstream Media
Rep. Nancy Pelosi's Leadership Contested By Rep. Tim Ryan
Twitter Blocked Trump Ad Over Emoji, Campaign Exec Claims
Donald Trump May Be Seth Meyers' Best Friend
Giving Thanks To Our Broken Industry
FTC Issues Report On 'Sharing Economy,' Doesn't Suggest New Rules
Watch 'The Crown' To Escape Post-Election Woes
Marketing Politics Daily - Friday, Nov. 18, 2016
Ad-Tech Stock Decline Coming? Fake News Snafus Don't Help
Trump Takes Credit For Keeping Ford Plant Open That Wasn't Closing
More Appointments Announced, Trump Policy Direction Takes Shape
The Catastrophe Of Divorce -- And Other Post-Election Fixations
U.S. Issues Guidelines For IoT Security
Hillary Undone By Twitter? I Doubt It
Broadband Providers, Digital Rights Groups Back Cox In Copyright Battle
Clinton's Campaign Sends Email With Discounts on Merchandise
Obama Warns Against Fake News
Some Trump Supporters Are Taking Aim At Pepsi
Twitter Ticks Off Left And Alt-Right
IRS Employees Caught Sending Taxpayer Data Through Unencrypted Emails
Newspapers Sue FCC Over Cross-Ownership Rules
UK Government To Strengthen Surveillance Powers
How Have The Media Times Changed? The 'AP Stylebook' Knows
The One Essential Skill You Need In The Facebook Era
Thousands Of UK Government Email Addresses Exposed By Adult Site Breach
UK Startup Gets Google Funding To Flag Up Fake News
Marketing Politics Daily - Thursday, Nov. 17, 2016
Largest Ever Petition Asks Electors To Block Donald Trump From Taking Office
Judge Likely To Throw Out Criminal Charges Against Backpage CEO, Shareholders
Clinton Holds First Public Address Since Concession Speech
Madison Avenue Lost This Election
San Francisco Dept. Of Environment To Residents: Compost!
Pro-Trump Super PAC Points To Japanese Internment To Support Muslim Registry
IAB's Rothenberg Says Stopping Fake News Takes Real Resolve
Fake News Got More Engagement Than Real Thing On Facebook
FCC Urged To Delay 'Controversial' Proposals
Trump Campaign Credits Facebook With Winning Election
Advertisers Dump UK Newspapers For Anti-Immigrant Coverage
Twitter Suspends Several "Alt-Right" Users
#BusterTheDog Is Number One For All The Right, And Wrong, Reasons
#StopFundingHate Warns Brands Over Christmas Backlash
Marketing Politics Daily - Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2016
Digital Strategies In Politics Defined By Age Rather Than Affiliation
Trump's Transition Team Rife With D.C. Insiders
Sanders Joins Democratic Senate Leadership
Trump Name To Come Off Of Three Buildings
YouTube Stars Live Stream To Oppose Bannon
Jeff Bezos Email to Employees Stresses Tolerance in Time of Trump
Demand For Encrypted Email Surges After Trump's Election
Election Prompts Marketers To Rethink Customer Assessments
Mike Pence Wants to Keep His Email Private
Washington Court Says Private Email Used for Public Business Subject to Public Records Requests
Google Commits To Larger Post Brexit UK Headquarters
Twitter Rolls Out New Tools To Curb Abuse
Twitter Bans Alt-Right Figures
IMDB Seeks To Block New Law Allowing Actors To Hide Their Age
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