• For Tablet Owners: Prime Time Is A Two-Screen Experience Now
    Not only do a large majority of tablet owners use their devices when the TV is on, but a large share do so throughout the time they kinda watch the 'first screen.'
  • Text Operators Are Standing By: Could DRTV Use M-Payments?
    Can DRTV use mobile as a way to push its core customers to a less expensive and more direct channel? One company just introduced a text-to-pay system for infomercials.
  • The Free Model Is Driving Massive App Market Growth
    Despite the rise of the mobile Web and the never-ending promise of HTML5 Web apps, the market in downloadable apps will expand massively in the next few years, Gartner projects.
  • Catching the iPhone 5's Mobile Marketing Wave
    If history repeats itself, the arrival of the iPhone 5 this month will trigger a gusher of app downloading and experimentation. This is a good time for marketers to make a strong first impression.
  • 'Lawless' Radio On Pandora And Animated Mobile Ad Promote Weinstein Film
    Over the last month a mobile marketing campaign on Pandora raised awareness of the new film "Lawless" with a branded radio station and display ads that culminated in an animated ad unit aimed at selling the tickets on opening weekend.
  • Just One More Thing: Amazon's New Fire Models Are All Ad-Subsidized
    Amazon forgot to mention very clearly yesterday that all of its upcoming Kindle Fire units would use the Special Offers model once reserved for value-priced e-readers. Ads (I mean 'offers') will appear every time you unlock the device.
  • How To Succeed In App Marketing Without Really Trying...To P.O. The FTC
    'Congratulations!' You have chosen to enter the exciting field of app marketing. But, gee, Skeeter, don't be a chump. Check first with the FTC on its principles for privacy and consumer protection.
  • We May Need More Kittens: OMD Adding Sponsored Video To Showyou iPad Video Aggregator
    Integrating brand messages into the content well is a fine idea, but only if the advertorial really is up to the task of pulling attention from cute kittens, dumbass stunts and celeb wardrobe malfunctions.
  • Up To 40% Of Mobile Ad Clicks May Be Accidents Or Fraud?
    An app marketing platform claims that in a recent six-week survey of millions of ad clicks, it labeled a shocking share "useless" because they were fraudulent or unintended.
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