• Call me, beep me if you wanna reach me
    My parents are in the process of moving houses right now and after fighting with the phone company for weeks to keep the same phone number, they finally recently lost the battle and were forced to take a new number for their landline. While I'm sad to learn that they no longer have the familiar [...]
  • Just the Tools, None of the Rules
    Online shopping should be practically effortless. After all, the idea is that one can acquire 300 reams of copy paper whilst lounging in one-piece jammies and bunny slippers - a certain level of simplicity is to be expected. Yet, while perusing the internet looking for deals on my latest purchases, I often run across [...]
  • Don't abuse it
    I gave in to Barack Obama's text message campaign after taunts of hearing the VP announcement early. The opportunity sounded cool, but I knew better. There's no way so many text messages - I've heard more than 2 million - can be sent without a media outlet exploiting the facts first. Such was the case. [...]
  • Selectively Unaware
    I was sitting in my only big lecture class the other day and received a bit of a surprise. My professor was talking about the factors that go into how we decide where to live and build cities, even though we may be in a flood plain, on a fault, or in New Orleans. [...]
  • How about just upgrading the infrastructure?
    Comcast is starting to get under my skin. They just filed an official appeal for the FCC to reverse its decision that service providers can't restrict how people use their service. They're trying to play the victim card, when it's readily apparent that they are not the victim. It bothers me that Comcast has been making [...]
  • Straddling the edge of a revolution
    I've now had my MacBook for about two weeks and after buying into the Mac revolution that is sweeping college campuses I have but one thing to say: I'm not that impressed. The biggest appeal of having a Mac is simply in the name and look of the computer itself. I will admit that 90% of [...]
  • Textual Seduction
    I think that I have signed myself over to campaign handlers. I will admit I am more interested in Barack Obama than I am John McCain, basically because I have more information about McCain than Obama. I have seen him and heard from him a lot since 2000 and I have watched how his positions [...]
  • Miss Digital Congeniality
    So I'm in my fifth and FINAL year of college and believe it or not, I actually thought it would be cake. But reality set in when I realized that all of my scholarships were up after 4 years, and the funds that have gotten me this far have been depleted. Immediately I [...]
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