• Borders To Open 25 Seasonal Borders Express Stores
  • Hallmark Cards, Paris Hilton Settle 'That's Hot' Lawsuit
  • P&G To Push Sustainability Through Individual Brands
  • FDA: Popular Mouthwashes Make False Claims
  • McDonald's Tests Burrito-Size Snack Wrap
  • Universal Turns To Folklore To Woo Latinos For Halloween
    The theme park is adding a character based on the Latin American myth of La Llorona -- Spanish for "the Wailer" -- to its seasonal cast of ghouls, ax murderers and demented clowns who try to scare visitors, Hugo Martin reports.
  • Muscle Milk Debuts Collegiate-themed Bottles
    CytoSport's Muscle Milk sports marketing department has launched a "huge undertaking" for the ready-to-drink protein beverage involving licensing agreements and production deadlines for new labeling to offer limited-edition bottles carrying the name and colors of eight top college football teams, Patricia Odell reports. The represented schools are Georgia Tech, University of Miami, Ohio State, University of Colorado, Arizona State, University of California-Berkeley, USC and UCLA. CytoSport will ship 7,500 cases to each market. Muscle Milk vp of marketing John Peirano says the success of two local campaigns earlier this year -- one with Shaquille O'Neal; the …
  • Betty Crocker Repositions Warm Delights As A 'Reward'
    Betty Crocker Warm Delights broke a new campaign this week that shifts the brand message from the convenience of the treat to the benefits of "chocolate to the warmth degree." (Whatever that means, one is tempted to write, but you know, we here at Marketing Daily get it.) Elaine Wong reports that three women in individual TV spots wait "longingly" as the dessert heats in the microwave. "There's chocolate, and then there's this. Warm Delights from Betty Crocker. So rich, so warm, it could make you melt," the voiceover says. The …
  • Staedtler, Faber-Castell Battle For Share For Two Centuries Plus
    Pencil maker Staedtler Mars GmbH is celebrating its 175th anniversary this year; next year, Faber-Castell AG will enjoy its 250th year in the business. But Staedtler says that it really goes back to 1662, when a craftsman named Friedrich Staedtler was already sharpening his skills in Nuremberg, Germany. "It's a competition throughout centuries," says Staedtler managing director Axel Marx. One thing is for sure: Age has not diminished the fierce rivalry between the two entities, and each has its fans. "It's like football teams -- people like one or the other," says a clerk at a …
  • American Toy Makers Want Exemptions From Regulations
    When times were simpler -- back in the day of hula-hoops, PF Flyers and Spauldeens -- everyone knew perfectly well what a toy was. No more. Andrew Martin reports that the Consumer Product Safety Commission has been swamped with manufacturer's requests to define products such as model trains, baseball bats and Halloween costumes as something other than as a "children's product." It all goes back to the toy recalls of a few years ago that prompted the commission to enact the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008. With it come regulations that manufacturers of many products feel …
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