• Carmelo Anthony As A Knick
    Carmelo Anthony is moving to the New York Knicks from the Denver Nuggets. He is a top scorer playing in the biggest market, and it doesn't hurt that his wife La La Vazquez is a big TV personality. So he should be rolling in endorsements. But columnist Kurt Badenhausen says think again. "Look at Alex Rodriguez, who came to New York in 2004 as his sport's biggest star, and has yet to land a new high-profile endorsement deal," he writes. Anthony has not done as well as draft classmates LeBron James, and Dwyane Wade. Wade makes …
  • Chinese Cars Were Supposed To Come To U.S., But Haven't
    Cherry, Geely, and other Chinese-made cars were always on the verge of being sold in the U.S., but probably mercifully haven't made it here. Until next year when the BYD F3DM could prove the exception.
  • Coca-Cola Goes Trucking In Rio
    Coca-Cola hit the streets of Rio De Janeiro in a converted delivery truck, giving away everything from bottles of Coke to surfboards. The effort, via Definition 6, uses a "Where will happiness strike next?" theme. It has only done two of these stunts in two years. So one's chances of being struck by lightning are probably better.
  • Barnes & Noble Upping The Marketing Ante
    Retailer Barnes & Noble is planning a brand refresh and using Interpublic's Boston-based Mullen to do it. The effort includes an estimated $40 marketing spend and store revamp. Mullen replaces Omnicom Group's Merkley & Partners as Barnes & Noble's lead advertising shop.
  • Yes, People Are Selling Their Skin For Advertising
    Well, it's not speculative fiction after all. It seems a man, one Nathan Bullman, is offering his neck as advertising space to the highest bidder on eBay. He is trying to secure funding for school. Bullman posted a 10-day eBay auction Monday in hopes of earning enough money to get a degree. The 28-year-old says he is willing to get a permanent tattoo, advertising the highest bidder's website or company logo. "I knew if I was going to do this and be different, because people have tried something like this before, that it was going to have to …
  • Insurance Companies Duke It Out
    When did insurance advertising get interesting? When the started battling over discounts leading to campaign's like Allstate's Mayhem effort in response to Progressive's sales clerk character. Two years ago Allstate's market was at 10.5%, only slightly ahead of Geico (8.21%) and Progressive (7.46%), per the Insurance Information Institute. The solution was an entertaining persona. Thus Mayhem, played by actor Dean Winters, a character that embodies all that can go wrong with your car. Playing a satellite dish, he falls from the roof, crushing a sedan. As a malfunctioning GPS, he sends a driver swerving, crashing into another car.
  • NBA All-Star Game Coming To Brooklyn
    Either the 2013 or 2014 NBA All-Star Game could be coming to the Barclays Center, which will also be new home of the Nets team when it opens in 2012. It depends on whether the new arena will be completed on time, and whether Camelo Anthony, who left the L.A. Lakers to join his home-town team the Knicks, will exert enough gravity to help bring the All-Star game to Madison Square Garden. The NBA should reveal the site of the big game this May.
  • Scarlett Johansson In Ad Campaign For Moet & Chandon
    Movie star Scarlett Johansson, who has been a spokesperson for the brand since 2009, is in a new international campaign via Paris-based Works Advertisement Agency. The print effort includes three ads shot at Trianon, Jean-Remy Moet's chalet in France. The campaign also features a trio of short videos showing Johansson cavorting on the estate's grounds surrounded by bottles of bubbly and pyramids of champagne flutes.
  • More Facebook Friends Equals More Stress
    If you have a lot of friends on Facebook, you might want to make sure one or two of them practice cardiology. A new study from Edinburgh Napier University, based on a poll of 200 students, suggests the more friends you have on the social network, the greater the levels of stress the site is causing you. The scientists involved concluded the negative effects of Facebook outweigh the benefits of staying in touch with friends and family. To wit: 12% of respondents, averaging 117 friends each, said the site made them feel anxious. Sixty-three percent said they held …
  • A Glimpse At Jaguar's Future Shown In Geneva
    The Jaguar B99 celebrates the 99th anniversary of the British sports-car brand (now owned by India-based Tata) and shows where the company is heading in the realm of smaller sports cars. The company's last foray into that region of the market was early in the millennium when Ford owned the company. The X-Type was essentially a Ford in a Jaguar pelt, and reviled as such. The new car, which looks like a super-sleek version of the XJ model, was designed by Italian firm Bertone, a frequent Jaguar collaborator. And the car will be a hybrid, with the engine designed by …
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