• Bauer: Brands Need To Be Useful
    Jonny Bauer, head of strategy at creative shop Droga5, says brands must set out with a credible purpose and assume a role that makes sense to their customers' day-to-day lives. Bauer, who was inducted into the American Advertising Federation Hall of Achievement for his recent work with Puma, LVMH, the New York City Department of Education, Prudential, Microsoft, Axe, Johnnie Walker and Dyson, will speak at the Guardian Changing Advertising Summit to address delegates about the evolution of brand strategies in the digital space.
  • NFL's 49ers Add SAP To Roster
    Technically speaking, the San Francisco 49ers will be well provided for at their stadium beginning in 2014 with the addition of SAP as a founding partner and also as naming rights holder to the team's training facility.
  • IPhone 5 Sales Just Fine
    Contributor Robert Hof, noting that Apple saw its shares fall $9.30, or about 1.3% the day it said it sold five million instead of ten million of its new phone, says people are over-reacting. "Let's get real," he writes. "First of all, it's not clear that Apple really fell short of any reasonable expectation. As one person noted today, the supposedly disappointing 5 million in iPhone 5 sales in a weekend is more than Nokia sold of its latest Lumia smartphones in an entire quarter."
  • Tobacco Companies Cut Ad Spending
    Tobacco companies are spending less on marketing cigarettes, with the bulk of the money going toward price discounts paid to retailers and wholesalers, the Federal Trade Commission reported Friday. The amount spent on cigarette advertising and promotion dropped 5% in 2010, to $8.05 billion. Spending is down 19% from 2008. The report covers Altria Group Inc., Commonwealth Brands Inc., Lorillard Inc., Reynolds American Inc. and Vector Group Ltd., comprising about 81% of their marketing dollars, or $6.49 billion.
  • Study: Branding Is Child's Play
    A new study suggests brands literally "brand" the brains of children. The neurological research from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and the University of Kansas Medical Center has found that imagery of fast-food logos fires neurons in the pleasure and appetite centers of their brains. The researchers suggest that since the same areas do not respond to well-known non-food logos, fast-food firms hook into the reward areas of the brain before self-control develops, leading to unhealthy choices.
  • Buick And GMC Plan Fresh Lineup
    Buick and GMC will introduce nine new or significantly updated models over the next 12 months, starting this autumn, with completely redone versions of the Buick Enclave and GMC Acadia crossovers. GMC will relaunch the Canyon mid-sized pickup truck. Canyon will compete in a market most thing has dried up, but the good news is most of the competition has left. Gone are Ford's Ranger and perhaps the first mid-sized truck, the Dodge Dakota.
  • Marketers Going Green, But Consumers Aren't
    A Green Gauge survey by GfK finds that while 93% of consumers say they have personally changed their behavior to conserve energy in their household, they're becoming less willing to pay more for green products. The survey of 2,000 U.S. consumers, fielded last summer, finds 5- to 12-point drops in the percentage of consumers willing to pay more for eco-friendly products.
  • American Wines Missing Boat To China?
    China is the fastest-growing wine market in the world. The writer, a wine exporter to Asia markets who reports having been to several wine shows in Hong Kong that attract buyers from all over the world, says U.S. marketing performance is "at best pathetic." He writes that at last year's Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Faire, the French exhibit was "about the size of 10 boxcars, the Italian the same, South Africa four boxcars, Chile four boxcars. And America? A caboose." He goes on to say that USDA rules about wines will make matters worse.
  • Volvo's Jacoby Suffers Stroke, On Leave
    Volvo Cars CEO Stefan Jacoby, who came to Volvo in 2010 after a long time at Volkswagen, has suffered a mild stroke and will take sick leave for the next month, the company said in a statement on Sunday. Jacoby, 54, was placed under medical supervision and has already started the recovery process, the firm said. Jan Gurander, the company's chief financial officer, is serving as acting CEO during Jacoby's absence.
  • Dodge Dart Sales Gain Strength
    Chrysler Group's Dodge Dart appears to be scoring some big points in one of the market's most crowded segments. The maker's new sedan has been growing at a rate of nearly 300% a month, according to company data. While that pace would be impossible to sustain long-term, Dodge Brand Director Richard Cox said the launch of the new Dart is right on schedule. "We sold 3,000 in August and we are doing well in September," he said. "In addition, we're getting great feedback on the car from dealers and from the media," Cox said, dismissing reports the Dart has gotten …
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