• Bright Spots For 2013
    While in 2011 and 2012, traditional convenience store categories strong business, things will be different next year, per CSNews 2013 outlook. Convenience Store News' economist Maureen Maguire of ThinkResearch said that while the numbers all point toward pullbacks in nearly every section of the c-store, some categories will beat the trend. Examples: Malt beverages -- excluding wine coolers -- will finish 2012 with a 4.6% volume increase. Maguire predicts there will be growth next year, too. Tobacco will continue to be a steady performer for convenience stores, with other tobacco products (OTP) emerging as the bright spot.
  • Hyundai Latest Automaker Under Recall Cloud
    Auto recalls, rolling like storms from the Oklahoma Dust Bowl, have been sandblasting automakers in recent years. The cloud is now pummeling Fountain Valley. Calif. Hyundai Motor America has been hit with two separate service actions in one week. Both impact the 2012 Hyundai Veloster. The more serious of the two involves shattering sunroofs, the second recall focusing on faulty parking brakes. The two recalls target about 18,000 vehicles - though, in fact, some of the hatchbacks may be covered by both of the service action. Who's next?
  • Study Says Hispanics Favor QSR
    Hispanic customers tend to visit quick service restaurants more often and spend more per transaction compared with other demographic groups, according to a new study from Univision Communications Inc. and Burke Inc. The poll of 1,250 Hispanics and an equal number of non-Hispanic consumers finds that 50 million Latinos living in the United States have the collective purchasing power of $1 trillion and spend much of that disposable income with quick-service restaurant brands.
  • General Motors Boosts Incentives On Pickups
    General Motors is offering big incentives to clear inventory of Sierra and Silverado trucks. The automaker is matching or beating discounts from Ford and Chrysler, offering up to $9,000 off remaining 2012 models and close to $4,500 off 2013 models. The General is also offering low interest rates, lease deals and financing.
  • EA Sports Seeks Fan Vote For 2013 Football Cover
    The No. 1 college football team in the nation will be decided on the field, but the school to be featured on the next cover of EA Sports' NCAA Football 13 will be decided in the polling place, with a multi-media campaign encouraging fans and videogamers to vote for their favorite.
  • Google+ Christmas Spot With Wallace And Gromit
    The characters from the 'Wallace and Gromit" films are back to promote Google+. The effort is aimed at highlighting how Google+ can bring together family and friends. The ad shows the characters using a Google+ Hangout, which supports a multi-person video chat with up to 10 screens, to open their presents together.
  • Starbucks UK Campaign Is Social Media Flameout
    Starbucks UK asked people on Twitter to use the #spreadthecheer hashtag and have their holiday messages displayed on a big public video screen. They, like other brands, didn't realize that people might flog the brand, which has been in the news there for controversial tax breaks. What they got on that big public screen were tweets like "Hey #Starbucks, PAY YOUR F-ING TAX #spreadthecheer," or "#spreadthecheer Tax Dodging MoFo's." Oops.
  • Li-Ning Taps D-Wade, Miami Heat Versus Nike
    Although the company is big in its native China, Li-Ning is just starting to make inroads in the U.S., and is using alliances with Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat to take on Nike, whose top endorser is D-Wade's teammate, LeBron James.
  • McDonald's Open On Christmas?
    McDonald's Corp. is urging U.S. restaurant owners to stay open on Christmas Day to boost December sales. The request comes when brands like Wendy's, Burger King and Yum Brands' Taco Bell chain are a growing force. It's also a break from company tradition of closing on major holidays.
  • Chrysler Toying With New Minivan
    Chrysler is testing the waters to see which of four minivan concepts will best resonate with consumers - a critical challenge if the maker hopes to retain its lead in the segment. Chrysler invented the vehicle 30 years ago, but foreign brands like Toyota and Honda are grabbing share. The Detroit maker has seen its lead steadily erode in recent years and has been forced to sharply reduce production capacity and the number of individual minivan models it offers.
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