• McDonald's, Wendy's Introduce Sandwiches
    McDonald's and Wendy's next week will introduce new mid-price chicken sandwiches on tortilla and flatbread. McDonald's McWrap borrows from its European operations. Wendy's has been testing the chicken flatbread platform for more than a year. The Asiago Ranch, Smokey Mustard and Honey Mustard variations all have been seen in tests.
  • Female Breadwinners Changing American Families
    Gender roles and the economy are both changing, and that has radically changed women's roles, from stay-at-home to being breadwinner. A USA Today analysis of Census Bureau data suggests that sea change is happening at college campuses on upward. Today, when one spouse works full time and the other stays home, it's the wife who is the sole breadwinner in a record 23% of families, the analysis finds. When the Census started tracking this in 1976, the number was 6%.
  • Auto Sales Look Good For March
    New car sales have remained steady in March and are expected to increase by 8 to 10%, year-over-year, according to new estimates from J.D. Power and Associates. Using data from a broad network of dealers, Power estimates both retail light-vehicle sales and the total light-vehicle rate are consistent with February's strong performance market. That would work out to around 12.1 million vehicles by consumers and 15.3 million when fleet buyers are included in the mix.
  • Bed, Bath And Beyond Sued For Junk Mail
    Bed Bath & Beyond is facing a lawsuit over the collection of zip codes from customers. The complaint, filed in US District Court in Boston Wednesday by Melissa Tyler, accuses the home goods chain of violating the state's consumer privacy laws by collecting the postal information for credit card purchases and then using it to send junk mail to consumers without their permission.
  • Esurance Moves Into Walmart
    Online car-insurance retailer Esurance is launching a pilot program on Friday to market coverage within 150 Illinois Wal-Mart stores. Esurance, which Allstate Corp. bought for $1 billion in 2011, is setting up unmanned kiosks at which shoppers in the world's biggest retailer may pick up a savings card to buy coverage. Customers may then use a code on the card to get a discount on car insurance.
  • Sears CEO Lampert Cuts His Pay To $1
    Eddie Lampert, chairman of Sears Holding Corp., has signed a contract to remain as CEO of the retail company at a salary of $1 per year. Lampert's new contract is effective Feb. 1, according to a regulatory filing yesterday. Lampert, the largest shareholder of the Sears, will work out of Miami.
  • Is Levi Strauss Getting Into Stadium Business?
    A lot of stadiums now have corporate names, for better or worse. The San Francisco 49ers' new stadium in Santa Clara doesn't. Yet. Levi Field, Levi Stadium and Levi Strauss are among the Internet domain names the San Francisco jeans maker registered recently. Hmm. The denim apparel company is mum. "As a part of routine business, we proactively protect our brands and company for future opportunities," said spokeswoman Kris Marubio.
  • Europe Hits Gas To Beat Silicon Valley
    Acknowledging the global dominance of U.S. brands such as Facebook, Google and Apple, the European Commission launched a campaign this week to encourage more technology entrepreneurship on Europe's side of the Atlantic. "Europeans need to be creative and fearless," Neelie Kroes, the European commissioner responsible for digital issues and technology, said. Role models: Skype, and Angry Birds.
  • Ford India Apologizes For Ads
    Ford Motor Co. is having to explain a series of ad in India showing caricatures of several celebrities behind the wheel of a Ford car with three women bound and gagged in the cargo bay. With critics declaring the campaign offensive and misogynistic, Ford and its global ad agency, WPP, have quickly backtracked, apologizing and admitting the campaign "should never have happened."
  • 7 Tips For SXSW Newbies
    Tyler Arnold, co-founder & CEO of SimplySocial, offers a seven-point travel guide for those hitting SXSW for the first time. #1: airfare and accommodation will be expensive. #2: Take what's given to you. Like a tent in a quiet place, to deal with crowd-induced tinnitus. You'll need it. #3: You're a guest, and there's a lot of you. #4: SXSW is all about spontaneity. #5 Serendipity can be engineered. #6: There are two main segments to SXSW: The Casual Crew and The Partiers. #7: Value the intangible. Go to link to get the must-read on each point. It's worth it.
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