• State Farm's Chris-Cliff Paul Campaign
    According to Madison Avenue lore, on May 6, 1985, newborns Chris and Cliff Paul were separated at birth, but were fortunate enough to be reunited in a State Farm campaign 28 years later, which has become a cottage industry that includes a new TV spot, an alliance with Nike's Jordan Brand enabling people to design and purchase their own Cliff Paul basketball shoes, an Xbox platform and a growing social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
  • Big Brands Snared By 'Click Fraud'
    Big brands from Coles, Ford, Reckitt Benckiser, Hyundai, ING Direct and Telstra are ending up on sites they'd probably rather not be seen on. That steals marketing budget to pay shady characters. But the industry says it is almost impossible to stop. One site, WatchAmericanDad.tv, a "highly illegal site," according to Jonathan Despinidic, the director of media trading firm Multiscreen Media "fraudulently" portrays itself as a legal site through a technique called URL masking, said Despinidic and taps into dozens of different ad networks and ad servers to serve video ads from big name brands.
  • Microsoft Attacks Google
    Microsoft launched its "Scroogled" campaign some time ago to tarnish the search monster while buffing its Bing. It has expanded to include petitions, a Scroogled News website calling itself "Your source for everything about the stark differences between what Google says and what Google does, and what you can do to take a stand against it." And even a line of anti-Google apparel: a Scroogled logo hat, a Google spider web T shirt where "you are the fly", and a Scroogled word cloud Tee with more than 20 synonyms "for how Google is taking advantage of you. "
  • NHTSA Disputes Musk Claims
    The federal government has opened an investigation into the three fires involving Tesla vehicles - and the potential that the Model S battery-electric vehicle suffers from a significant safety design defect. Tesla CEO and founder Elon Musk argues that Tesla asked the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to launch its probe. But during a tour of the L.A. Auto Show, NHTSA Director David Strickland stressed that was news to him.
  • Adidas, FIFA Extend, Expand World Cup Through 2030
    Adidas, which has been an official partner of FIFA since 1970, has extended the alliance for another 27 years, unveiling a deal that aligns the global sports shoe, apparel and equipment company with the governing body of soccer through 2030. The deal enhances and expands adidas' role as the "official partner, supplier and licensee" for the FIFA World Cup and all FIFA events, including the FIFA Women's World Cup and the FIFA U-20 World Cup.
  • New Verizon Store Concept
    The Verizon Destination Store format, at Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn., is a new concept focused on the mobile lifestyle. The 9,715-sq.-ft. store features interactive lifestyle zones where customers can try gadgets, apps and tech gear. it also has a dedicated workshop area with classes in front of a large touch-screen digital display screen. Customers also can visit the Customize It Zone. The company is turning its 1,700 retail stores throughout the country into "smart stores."
  • Best Buy: $100 Gift Cards For Trade-Ins
    If you trade in your working iPhone or iPad, Best Buy will give you a guaranteed minimum $100 store gift card through Saturday. Customers will receive the gift card if they trade in their working iPhone 5, iPhone 4s or iPhone 4 and purchase the iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c with a two-year contract. Target is running its own Apple sales promotions during Black Friday weekend.
  • P&G Goes Into The Vitamin Biz
    Procter & Gamble is getting into the vitamin business with Melbourne, Australia-based Swisse Wellness, through its relationship with Israel-based Teva. Wellness is a fast-growing over-the-counter producer of 100 vitamins, minerals and supplements that dominates the Australian market. The pact with P&G will enable the rapid expansion of the Swisse brand of products into new countries.
  • Kutcher, Walmart Duke It Out Socially
    Walmart got into a Twitter tussle with Ashton Kutcher, who has a LOT of Twitter followers. The fight was over the company's hourly wage policies and the company's call to support a needy-employees campaign started by company workers in Canton, Ohio. After Kutcher took to Twitter to scold the company, there began a tit for tat that can be tracked at the jump. Enjoy.
  • Group Slams Walmart For 'Help Our Needy Employees' Pitch
    An advocacy group called Organization United for Respect says Walmart did wrong by setting out storage containers to collect donations for employees who can't afford a Thanksgiving dinner. The Web page and Facebook page of the group feature a photo of two storage containers underneath a sign that says, "Please donate food items here so Associates in Need can enjoy Thanksgiving dinner." The organization of Walmart employees is arguing that if the company has to ask people to donate food to its coworkers, they are paying way too little.
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