• H&M Temporarily Closes 95 Stores Due To Protests
    Retailer H&M is temporarily closing 95 stores due to unrest in cities throughout the country. Many of the protests over the killing of George Floyd have been peaceful. But in some cases, retailers have experienced looting or vandalism, reportedly including H&M stores in Philadelphia and Boston. CVS and Target also have temporarily closed stores.
  • Zoom Hires First Diversity Officer Away From Ebay
    Zoom has hired its first chief diversity officer, Damien Hooper-Campbell, who had the same position at eBay.  Hooper-Campbell, who has been with eBay since 2016 and has a long history focused on corporate diversity, “will help San Jose-based Zoom further develop diversity and inclusion initiatives,” according to the Silicon Valley Business Journal.
  • Peloton Launches All-Stars Ride
    Peloton is pushing past its holiday advertising blunder with a live show featuring athletes like the NBA’s Gordon Hayward, golfer Rory McIlroy and tennis star Monica Puig. Thanks to gym closures, “Peloton revenue skyrocketed by 66% in its fiscal third quarter, and last month it held its largest-ever class streaming for 23,000 people,” according to Fast Company. “Now, with live sports largely still on hold, the brand is taking another step in helping fitness fans stay entertained by teaming with ESPN for an actual live broadcast of a celebrity Spin class.”
  • Amazon Plans Suburban Chicago Grocery Store
    Amazon is opening a nearly 43,000-square-foot grocery store including a restaurant in the former Babies R Us space in Schaumburg, a Chicago suburb. Government officials approved the project last August without being told the name of the company, instead working through a third party to authorize the project. Amazon said the new store will not be part of its checkout-free Amazon Go line but rather will feature a traditional checkout experience. "Amazon did not indicate when the store would be opening, but village officials believe late summer is a possibility," according to the Daily Herald.
  • Father of School Shooting Victim Takes On Smith & Wesson
    Fred Guttenberg, whose 14-year-old daughter died in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre in Parkland, Florida, and two gun safety groups sent a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission Sunday to stop Smith & Wesson from using what they described as “deceptive and unfair” marketing to promote assault-style rifles.
  • Companies Get Behind Protests
    While companies traditionally are conflict adverse, some are taking a stand on racial injustice and police violence. Companies like Nike, Nordstrom, Ben & Jerry’s, Twitter, WarnerMedia and Citigroup have aligned themselves with the Black Lives Matter movement. “As Netflix posted on Twitter on Saturday: “To be silent is to be complicit. Black lives matter."
  • DoorDash To Help Restaurants Set Up Websites
    DoorDash is launching an initiative called Storefront to help restaurants create websites and directly manage online pickup and delivery orders. “The goal is to help the businesses survive the pandemic, but it also makes DoorDash the exclusive delivery partner,” according to The Verge.  “Forty percent of DoorDash’s partners don’t have any online ordering system, by the company’s estimate.”
  • Postponed Boston Marathon Now Cancelled
    The Boston Marathon, which was already postponed from April to Sept. 14 due to the pandemic, has been cancelled. It will instead be held as a virtual event, which can occur anytime between Sept. 7 and Sept. 14. The Boston Athletic Association has been studying the alternatives for everyone who invests time and energy in this race: the runners, the sponsors, the charities, the local businesses and the spectators.
  • Drug Distributor Made Fun of 'Pillbillies'
    An email with a parody video was sent around AmerisourceBergen, one of the nation’s biggest drug distributors, according to a court filing. Featuring the theme song for “The Beverly Hillbillies,” it describes how “pillbillies” drove south to obtain drugs at Florida pill mills. “The email was made public this past week as part of a filing in a mammoth federal case in Cleveland, where thousands of cities, counties, Native American tribes and others have sued companies up and down the opioid supply chain,” reports The Washington Post.
  • Pizza Hut Gives Away Half-Million Pizzas To Celebrate Graduates
    This year’s graduating class was denied the pomp and circumstance usually afforded to their rite of passage due to the pandemic. Pizza Hut is trying to ease the pain by giving away 500,000 free pizzas. “The pizzeria chain is teaming up for the giveaway with America's dairy farmers, who along with other farmers and ranchers have seen their markets collapse as the pandemic upended supply chains," according to CNN.
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