• M-Commerce Slow To Connect in U.S. (E-Commerce Times)
    Why wireless won't fly.
  • Media Buying Strategy Takes Flexibility (Digitrends.net)
    The media buying strategy should be flexible enough to meet your client's goals and objectives, and it should demonstrate a strong ROI.
  • Analysts: Advertising Will Not Work in the Wireless World (IAR)
    Some analysts have reached a consensus that advertising won't comprise a major revenue source for wireless content providers.
  • Is It Possible to Track Ad Spending on the Web? (ClickZ)
    One of the most tedious and uninspiring tasks that a traditional media planner must perform is a competitive spending analysis. Where to turn for help?
  • Control Geeks (Forbes Magazine)
    Dion and Amy Lim side with surfers tired of Web ads. They may also be on the wrong side of the law.
  • Ads Don't Add Up (ZDNet)
    While computer and communications companies, financial service firms and online travel agents continue to see an online upside, other industries are trying to figure out which way the electronic currents will run next.
  • Ad Agencies Seen Fighting Off Interactive Era Challenge (Reuters)
    Traditional ad agencies won't die off in an era of the Internet and interactive technology because they have the skills to build brands and reach out to consumers whatever the medium.
  • French Ad Spending May See Slower Growth In Fourth Quarter (Reuters)
    French advertising spending may not grow as strongly in the fourth quarter as it has so far this year because some big advertisers have postponed campaigns, an official at the ad agencies association AACC said on Monday.
  • Streamers On Brink Of Prime Time (AdAge.com)
    Advertisers debate whether industry is ready for online audio ads.
  • 7 From Seven Featuring Vivienne Bechtold (ChannelSeven.com)
    In this week's 7 from Seven, Bechtold tells what obstacles she thinks are hindering adoption of the medium by traditional advertisers, and shares her observations from the early days of Internet marketing.
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