• On Eve of Media Blitz, Netizens Dissect Windows XP (Reuters.com)
    Thursday's launch of Microsoft's Windows XP operating system promises to be the most hyped software product introduction in memory.
  • Ambient Advertising Invades Consumers (Detroit News)
    Advertisers, increasingly struggling to grab buyer's attention, are filling every nook and cranny of consumers' lives.
  • Understanding the Power of Search Engine Marketing (ClickZ)
    If you build it, they will come... right? They won't -- unless your website shows up in search query results. Web users turn to search engines when they want to buy. That's why a top ranking in the listings is good for your bottom line.
  • Online Ad Squabble Nears Resolution (CNET News.com)
    A key Internet standards body is scheduled next month to issue new guidelines for counting online ad "impressions," a move that could affect hundreds of millions of dollars in contested annual payments from advertisers to Web publishers.
  • Most Firms Say Self-Service Is Most Important CRM Initiative (crmRUSH)
    A healthy 62% of respondents to a recent survey reported that self-service is the most important CRM initiative at their companies.
  • 'Survivor' Wounded as 'Friends' Plays Tough (Variety)
    "Friends" again easily handled "Survivor" Thursday in their second battle this season, as ratings for the juggernaut reality adventure series appear to have come back to earth.
  • News Media Risk Big Losses to Cover War (NYTimes.com)
    There is never a good time for a war, but for big media and news companies, the timing of the current crisis is especially poor.
  • Growing Uncertainty Over Web Ads (CyberAtlas)
    The online ad industry grew last year, though average CPMs are down -- as are traditional advertisers' expectations of again increasing their funding for Internet projects.
  • Anthrax Scare Could Boost Email Use (IAR)
    Reluctantly, online direct marketers report increased attention from clients.
  • Interactive Ads Emerge as AOL-TW's Secret Weapon (IAR)
    Despite a weak outlook for advertising dollars, AOL nets 5 percent growth in ad and commerce revenues. The number also helps explain AOL Time Warner's growth in overall subscribers.
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